5 Couple Yoga Poses For Beginners That Are Easy & Fun

_Couple Yoga Poses For Beginners That Are Easy & Fun

Doing something with a partner is always fun and adventurous. It even makes the task easier. However, if you are on a mission of starting yoga, you should get your partner and practice couple poses together to make it enjoyable.

Here are some couple yoga poses for beginners that are easy and fun. Go through all of them. You will find them helpful. Guaranteed!

1. Partner Yoga Twist Pose

To make sure that you are practicing the pose properly, lengthen the spine, be straightly seated, and breathe! Easy, no?

This easy pose comes with a bundle of benefits. It reduces your stress and back pain, maintains your spinal rotation, and improves your digestive system.

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2. Partner Yoga Tree Pose

This is a classic, fun, and challenging couple pose for beginners! As you have to be attached to your partner, you will face difficulties while keeping balance at first.

When you become more flexible, try keeping your foot below or above the knee so that it does not get much pressure.

Practicing this yoga pose will increase your balance and stability. It will also improve your concentration, and make your ankles stronger.

3. Cobra Backbend Pose

Cobra Backbend pose will stretch your lower back. When you lie on the floor, your chest and shoulders will also get stretched. Engage your core during practice, and take turns with your partner for lying down and standing.

4. Couple Camel Pose

First, put the knees together. Then grab the forearms of your partner and lean back, both of you. Keep your chest open while flexing your cores by pulling your bellybutton towards your spine. But be careful so you do not turn your head to the side.

This pose stretches the upper part of your body which includes your chest, quadriceps, and abdomen. It also improves spinal mobility and develops your posture.

5. Partner Side Angle Pose

This is a great couple yoga pose for beginners. It is almost like a couple dance move! Remember to switch sides with your partner. Ensure that your feet are perpendicular and your eyes are on your hand.

If you have trouble grabbing your partner’s hand, try using a hand towel or yoga strap.

This pose stretches your hamstrings and groins. It increases your stamina. When you practice this pose, your ankles, legs, and knees become stronger. It also tones your abdominal muscles. Besides, it is a great remedy for infertility, menstrual discomfort, constipation, lower back pain, and sciatica.

Things You Should Know!

Before practicing the couple yoga poses, both of you should get a little warmed up. You can exercise high knees and sun salutations. Stretching will do as well.  

During practice, communicate properly with each other. Discuss when to begin and finish a pose. Talk about how you feel. If any of you two find a pose hurting, do not practice it.

That’s all! Enjoy practicing these easy and fun couple yoga poses with your partner! 

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