5 Yoga Poses For Beginner Kids With Partners

Yoga Poses For Beginner Kids With Partners

Spending quality time with kids has become a serious issue for parents nowadays since most of them have to be at work on weekdays. If you are one of those parents, you should know that you can easily spend quality time with your kids by practicing yoga with them.

When you practice yoga with your kids as a partner, they get to exercise with you. At the same time, it gives your family a great time together, and makes sure you all are mentally and physically fit and healthy.

Some easily teachable yoga poses for beginner kids (that they can practice with partners) are mentioned below. Have fun practicing them with your kids!

1. Partner Eagle Pose

Stand beside each other. Hold hands or keep your arms around one another’s waist. Then, stand on your inner leg. Put your other leg around the standing one. Link your arm with your partner’s arm before yourselves.

To pretend to be like an eagle sitting on a tree, try bending your knees a little. Before repeating the steps, change sides.

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2. Double Easy Pose

Sit exactly like you are practicing the easy pose. Then, let your kid sit on your lap. Deeply breathe for 30 seconds together. Keep your eyes closed.

This is an easy and great yoga pose for practicing meditation as a family. Try practicing it regularly.

3. Partner Tree Pose

Stand beside your kid. Hold his/her hand or wrap one another’s waist with arms. Stand tall, keep your spine straight, shoulders back, and head up. Then, use your inner leg to stand. After that, bend the other leg placing its foot on your inner calf or thigh.

Take help from each other to maintain balance. Once you both get hold of that, raise your arm toward the ceiling. You can also sway together with your partner. After a while, take turns with your partner and change sides.

4. Double Downward Facing Dog Pose

First, bend down and put your palms on the floor. Take your feet backward and create an inverted V shape keeping your buttocks in a higher position. Press your hands and heels down by involving your thigh muscles and upper arms while rotating them inside.

When you are comfortable, let your kid join you and practice the same pose either beside you or underneath you.

5. Sunbathing On A Rock Pose

Take a position on your four limbs. Then, putting the weight of your buttocks on your heels, place your forehead in between the knees, and arms side by side with your body in a resting position.

When you are stable and balanced, let your kid lean on you and relax in a way so that his/her back can rest on your spine, and his/her head can lie on the upper back of your body. When you are done with the practice, raise your torso slowly so that your kid can stand up and come out of the position.

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