5 Yoga Poses For Beginners That Increase Chakras

Yoga Poses For Beginners That Increase Chakras

Probably you seldom know when your Chakras are disordered or their powers are weakened. Sometimes, when the world seems dull to you, sadness with inertia encompass you all the time, there is good chance that your chakras are derailed from their balanced positions.

Here we will furnish some effective yoga poses for beginners that increase Chakrasand cure their displacement.

Yes, these are Yoga poses which align and increase your chakras. Before counseling, it is very significant to make out definition of chakra.

Meaning of Chakra

“Spinning Wheel” is the literal meaning of Chakra. As per yogic point of view, Chakras refers to the convergence of power or energy of your mind and body.

These Chakras fixing your intention, liking, emotional response to reality, repulsion, confidence level, fear and even your physical movement control the entire system of your physique and mind.

5 Effective Yoga Poses For Beginners That Increase Chakras:

At the outset, warm up is very essential or you will run the risk of injure to your spine and other parts of the body while doing different poses of yoga. So, warm your body up with Cat and Cow poses and get your body ready for the following poses:

1. Mountain Pose for Root Chakra:

Bottom of your spine positions the Root Chakra. It taking energy from the earth assists you to be more protected and linked. You are in uneven position and your sense of safety does not work when alignment of your Root Chakra is disrupted.

When you get your confidence and sense your belongingness, you have to realize that the Root Chakra is in right alignment.

It is Mountain Pose that flows the earth-energy through your feet to your whole body and keep your Root Chakra active and aligned.

How to do it: 

Stand up with your feet little apart and relax. Then keep your head towards sky and keep your palms together at the centre of your chest. Thereafter, closing your eyes, have a number of deep-breath and try to sense the energetic power passing from the earth through your feet towards the top of your body and then to go skywards.

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2. Revolved Triangle Pose for Sacral Chakra:

In the pelvic zone, immediate above the pubic bone, Sacral Chakra is positioned. This chakra is centre of your enthusiasm, expression, enjoyment, intimacy and creativity.

The balance of the Sacral Chakra results in good relationship with yourselves and others while imbalance of it generates frustration, emotional repression and sadness.   

You by practicing Revolved Triangle Pose can stir the abdominal limb and keep your Sacral Chakra energetic and aligned.

How to do it: 

This pose will be a bit intricate for the beginners. So, you can start by doing Pyramid Pose (Parsvottanasana). Then at the side of right foot, place a yoga-block and on it, keep your left hand.  

Then expand your right hand skywards. Do the same thing placing your right arm on the block and extending your left arm towards sky. Do this twist only when you are able to do without hurting your spine.

3. Boat Pose for Solar Plexus Chakra:

Your sense of determination, strength of mind, and inner abdomen temperature are attached to the solar power with the help of Solar Plexus Chakra which is positioned at the navel center.

Imbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra results in low self-respect and stress, while the balanced one brings the sense of confidence and capability in you.

Boat Pose is a good one to keep this Chakra dynamic and aligned. 

How to do it:

Be seated with bent knees and place your feet on the floor or mat. Then take both the hands behind the hips, raise your chest, and extend your spine. Thereafter, hold this pose for 15 – 30 seconds and then smoothly release. Repeat this pose from 3 to 5 times.

4. Low Lunge Pose for Heart Chakra:

Your kindness, friendliness, and love link with your Heart Chakra. If your Heart Chakra is not balanced, you do lose the sense of love and relationship. On the other hand, balanced Heart Chakra generates love and liking in your mind and soul.

Low Lunge pose helps align your Heart Chakra.

How to do it:

Start with Dog-Facing-Downward style. Take the right-leg forward between the hands and down your left-knee to the floor. Then keep square your hips to the frontage of the floor.

Transfer your weight onward into the right-foot to let your hips to free and to extend the front of the left-hip.  Take your right-hand towards sky and bring the left-hand to your left-leg.

Cling to for a number of breaths and then slowly discharge. Similarly do it for the opposite one.

5. Easy Pose with Chanting for Throat Chakra: 

You communicate and speak with others with the support of Throat Chakra. Honesty, truthfulness and your ability of speaking in public are controlled by this Chakra.

Your nose, ear and throat may face problem when this one is uneven.  When it is balanced, your ability of expression and public speaking become easy.

Chanting is a nice pose to maintain your Throat Chakra aligned. 

How to do it:

Sit on the floor or mat with index-finger touching thumb and remaining fingers extended. Rest this finger pose on your knees. Breathe in to raise your chest and extend your spine.

Then, breathe out and loosen up your shoulders. To stimulate your throat, smoothly put your chin to your chest to form a Throat Lock. Then, chant the some soothing words or any mild song you like. Carry on chanting for 4 to 10 minutes

So, these stated up to now are some basic and very effective yoga poses for beginners that increase Chakras. 

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