Are Weight Loss Supplements Bad For You? 3 Things You Need To Know

Are Weight Loss Supplements Bad For You

Weight Loss Supplements can have harmful side effects just like any other supplements. Sometimes, the contents in the bottle are related to undeclared drug substances that may pose serious health issues.

Many weight loss supplements use questionable ingredients that hadn’t been experimented for results. Also, there are records of interactions of these chemicals with prescription medicines or particular types of food. Wait, that’s not all –

Some of their combined effects are still unknown.

Medical experts suggest everyone with particular physical conditions not to use weight loss supplements at all. Plus, most of the test results on these products are conducted on a limited test subject for a limited time so, the long term effects on these products are still unknown.

There’s much to cover on the effects of weight loss supplements. So, without further waiting, let’s dive into the details.

What Ingredients Are Used In Weight Loss Supplements?

Many consumers actively believe that weight loss supplements have no side effects. But surprisingly, they do have side effects.

Plus, you cannot give away the fact that a lot of these products use things like – African Mango, Beta-glucans, Bitter Orange, Capsicin, Chromium, Yohimbe, Cola Nuts, Hoodia, Green Tea Extracts and lots more.

Read this page to know more about these ingredients.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Weight Loss Supplements?

Here is a table of commonly used ingredients in a weight loss supplement –

IngredientsBenefits Related to Weight LossScientific EvidenceSafety
L – Carnitine and Acetyl L- CarnitineBurns fatty acid in the cells to produce energyNot enough evidenceHigh BPMay show bipolar disorders (if any)May exhibit Hyperthyroidism (Underactive Thyroid)
SibutramineProduces Serotonin in the brain that makes the stomach feel fullNeed more evidenceEffects wear down after a few months of successive usage
Garcinia cambogiaReduction in appetiteNot enough evidenceUnknown
ChitosanPrevents fat absorptionNot enough evidenceUnknown
CaffeineA modest reduction of weight, loss of appetite, increased metabolismNeeds more evidenceElevated Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Tremor, Insomnia
BiotinNot enough evidenceNot enough evidenceNot enough evidence
YohimbineSignificant increase inNeeds more evidenceNot enough evidence
Anti-cellulite draining food supplementsIncreased metabolismNeeds more evidenceNeeds more evidence

Are Weight Loss Supplements Safe?

For many years, researchers have tested samples to conclusively prove the effects of these supplements. The truth is, many researchers have found undeclared substances in food supplements. Just so you know, 20% of all analyzed samples contained undeclared substances like – caffeine, steroids, sibutramine and etc.

But that’s not all –

Weight loss supplements are beneficial for losing weight under 3 conditions –

  1. Ensure the right amount of intake
  2. Regular physical exercise
  3. Maintain a low-calorie diet

There are much more than just a few benefits. So, if you want to know more then, keep reading…

Over-weight and obesity are two major concerns among the world population. On top of that, people having such conditions generally suffer from coronary heart diseases and chronic medical conditions.

You’d be surprised to know that the long term effects of these products start with –

  • Development of Diabetes
  • Respiratory complications
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Joint pain
  • Osteoarthritis and many more…

The effect of these supplements on cardiovascular patients is really adverse. It leads to increased metabolism which stresses the circulatory system and the kidneys.

As if that’s not enough –

Some supplements may disturb the normal rate of nutrient absorption and metabolism. This may lead to diabetes and metabolic problems.

Also, supplements that interfere with appetite causes issues for people having thyroid problems. It may imbalance the body’s hormonal functions.

Final Words

Here are 3 things that I think you should know about Weight Loss Supplements that might be helpful. The best way to lose weight is to maintain a healthy diet, cut down on calories, and stay fit. Remember, not all problems have a solution with pills.

However, if you are still having problem with weight loss even after working out and following a healthy diet, then you can try some extra help. Some weight loss pills can give an extra boost to your weight loss journey.

However, these pills will only work when you are working out and eating healthy foods. One pill I can recommend is PhenGold. It is certainly a rare weight loss supplement that actually works in a market full of garbage supplements.

If you are interested, you can check out more details about PhenGold here.

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