Are Weight Loss Supplements Worth It?

are weight loss supplements worth it

The process of losing weight by having supplement is not an easy option. But are the supplements worth it?

If you want to lose your weight by taking supplements, you have to be determined to consume it on a regular basis and choose the best supplement that will serve that purpose the best.

In this article, I’ll explain about the effectiveness of supplements and break down how supplements actually worth. You need to have a full understanding or at least a basic level knowledge of how the process works. So that you can make your own decision about using a supplement.

The Basics

When you look at the process of burning fat and fat burners in specific, we usually focus on thermogenesis. It is for generating body heat. It is also the dynamic effect of food known as the thermic effect.

After consuming a food and the process of taking that food by absorbing and utilizing it with the cellular activity is our metabolism in a nutshell. Whenever we eat, we, by default trigger some kind of caloric need. That caloric need is our metabolism and it allows us to generate a little bit of heat.

How Does Fat Burners Actually Work?

Most fat burners out there market themselves as thermogenic. It doesn’t seem like thermogenic can actually directly increase your core body temperature. It all comes down to the beta-adrenergic receptors and our overall catecholamine response, basically in adrenaline and norepinephrine. When we have beta adrenergic activity, the need for these catecholamines, adrenalin and epinephrine increases.

Carnitine is a quaternary ammonium compound that involves in metabolism in most mammals and plants. In Carnitine, there’s a lot of fat burners. It allows more fat to get into the cell. When you have stored fat, you have triglycerides. It is the 3 fatty acids that are bound to a glycerol molecule.

These free fatty acids then go to the cell and they need to get into the mitochondria where they can actually go through the entire cycle that they need to create energy. That is why carnitine is required for that free fatty acid that’s been released to get into the mitochondria.

Without carnitine, it can’t be in there. The only time that carnitine would ever help you is if you were deficient in it.

Generally, carnitine doesn’t do a lot but to play devil’s advocate here. If you have an increase in fat that is being mobilized because you’re working out or because for some reason your thermogenesis that’s generating heat is elevated.

You’re going to have more fats into the bloodstream being broken down, which is going to increase the demand for carnitine.

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Practical Research

A study was published in “The Journal of The International Society of Sports Nutrition” among 10 resistance trained males. Those people had a decent amount of lean body mass roughly about the same and have to do two separate workouts. During the first workout, they went ahead and did the workout as usual.

Then for the next work out they waited 24 hours and one group took a placebo supplement and the other group took a general fat loss supplement because they wanted to measure their resting metabolic rate, heart rate and blood pressure.

After the consumption of the supplement or the placebo, they took measurements at sixty minutes, a hundred and twenty minutes and a hundred- and eighty-minutes post to find out where the resting metabolic rate, heart rate and blood pressure was.

After that they have found the resting metabolic rate has increased more to those who have taken the fat loss supplement.


We have understood that, when supplements are taken in pre workout, there will be more fat loss occurred. Because the resting metabolic rate increases on that process. Some other tendency may also happen.

For example, someone might actually have more lean body mass but generally it is determined by increasing the catecholamines through stimulation of the beta-adrenergic receptors.

That occurs as a downline process from the phosphorylation of cyclic adenosine monophosphate. What that means is indirectly supplements do help you burn fat but you have to be working out. You need to get moving so that the fats actually mobilize. In this article, I’ve provided all the information that you might need to know.

I hope all this information was of use to you and helped you to understand that the weight loss supplements are actually worth it.

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