Do Weight Loss Pills Affect Birth Control?

do weight loss pills affect birth control

“Birth control and weight loss can not be friends.”

Do you believe in it too? Well, I won’t blame you for that. It is a common misconception among many women nowadays.

As a result, birth control has turned into a nightmare for women who love their lean figures. And, new mothers are avoiding weight-loss pills thinking it can hamper birth control.

It seems like a never-ending argument. But is there really any basis?

Let’s find out...

People with obesity (BMI 30 or more) take weight loss pills to increase their weight loss rate. It is not a substitute for exercise and diet. It simply keeps you less hungry or makes you full sooner.

Weight loss pills mostly contain Phentermine. It is famous for its appetite suppressing power. It keeps your hunger feelings down resulting in a low calory intake.

It makes sense. The fewer calory you take, the more your body uses its internal energy source to operate. And finally, you shed pounds.

You see, this mechanism can not interfere with your birth control. These pills work with your neurotransmitter. While birth control pills work with your hormones.

Though it is not the universal method for every weight-loss pill, the main idea remains the same.

Some pills reduce your body’s fat absorption rate. While some increase metabolism. It depends on which procedure works best for you.

While a birth control pill contains hormones like Estrogen and Progesterone. It means every time you take pills, you are adding extra hormones in your body.

It stops the egg from leaving the ovary and prevent ovulation. No ovulation means no eggs to fertilize resulting in a failed pregnancy.

It also thickens the cervix. This new thickness prevents sperms to reach the egg easily.

Now, it must be clear to you that weight loss pills can’t disturb the birth control procedures. Because most of them are just designed to reduce your hunger.

Yes, doctors indeed advise you to avoid certain medications during birth control. For example, antibiotics, anti-seizure medications, anti-fungal drugs, etc. Because these medications can make birth control less effective.

If you want more than regular pills that would work on your fats instead of just claiming, you can try PhenGold weight loss pills. It works on more than one weight-loss element (suppressing hunger, blocking fat production, burning calories, and so on). No more hunger cravings!!

Looks like a pretty good deal at an affordable price, right?

Now all of that being said, there are some factors to consider before taking any kind of weight loss pills.

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions.
  • Consider your other health issues.
  • Calculate your Body Mass Index and take medication accordingly.
  • Check your family’s medical history.

Final Thought

According to research, people with obesity (especially women) have a 55% greater risk of undergoing serious depression.

A fit body is a blessing. So, if your calculated BMI has crossed 27, start a healthy lifestyle. Right weight loss medications packed with regular exercise and a proper diet will help you to jump-start.

Hope you found this article useful.

Anna A. Cudney

This is Anna A. Cudney. I have created “Lean Mates” website to help people lose body weight. I have faced the problem of obesity and tried many things to re-shape my body. My goal of this website is to share my experience to help others lose their weight too.

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