Hourglass Fit Review 2022: Results – Before and After, Side Effects and Other Useful Info

Hourglass Fit Review

Weight loss is an always-trending issue in the wellness space. Many companies try to find fast solutions by incorporating different nutrition practices to help people achieve their weight loss goals. However, with more and more companies joining the market, it becomes challenging for an everyday consumer to distinguish trustworthy and effective products from empty promises.

But we found a fat burner supplement that seems to promise a steady but sure weight loss. On our radar is Roar Ambition and their key product, Hourglass Fit.

The goal of the Hourglass Fit review

Many people want to be fitter and healthier; however, progress usually takes time and effort. So, it makes sense that many businesses look for solutions to make weight loss not a battlefield but a positive journey.

In this article, we will try to give you an insight into Roar Ambition’s fat burner supplements Hourglass Fit, the benefits it brings, what ingredients it contains, and what science has to say about them. In the end, we will also add customer reviews and alternatives and trusted websites where you can buy the product.

What is Roar Ambition?

Roar Ambition is a UK-based company that creates fat burners, testosterone boosters, and nootropics. Fat burners are a type of dietary supplement designed to help you lose weight. The company is known worldwide and has many certificates proving their credibility. They ship globally, and their products in the US and UK are manufactured within FDA-registered facilities, in accordance with strict Good Manufacturing Practices.

Their goal is to bring a reliable and healthy way of losing fat, building muscle, and living healthily for both men and women. They only use natural and vegan ingredients backed by scientific studies. Hourglass Fit fat burner is specifically designed for women (although the company states that it works for men, too), and it comes in the form of capsules and works in three ways.

It suppresses your hunger, so you consume fewer calories, it also increases your energy and metabolism levels that help boost your physical performance, and lastly, the supplement stops food cravings, which otherwise could lead to binge eating. One container contains 120 capsules, and it’s recommended to take 4 capsules per day for the best results, so one bottle lasts for about a month.

Hourglass Fit fat burner review

Hourglass Fit is a fat burner supplement that comes in the form of capsules. It contains nine natural key ingredients designed to support a balanced diet. It’s vegan-friendly and caffeine-free, meaning you will lose weight only on the effects of natural ingredients with a very low stimulant content.

Although the brand focuses on women, it’s also safe to take for men. As the container has 30 servings, it should last you for one month. The ingredient list is also clean and transparent, the company discloses the amount of each ingredient. The basis of the ingredient list is glucomannan — a well-known root that can help lose weight by reducing food cravings. Other ingredients like B group vitamins and zinc are crucial for the nervous system and skin, hair, and nail health.

One serving contains: 

  • Vitamin B6                        1.7 mg
  • Vitamin B12                       2.4
  • Chromium                          125
  • Zinc                                      8 mg
  • Vitamin B2                         1.1 mg
  • Konjac root extract           3000 mg
  • Cayenne pepper extract    100 mg
  • Black pepper extract          5 mg
  • 5-HTP                                   150 mg

Hourglass facts

Hourglass Fit benefits

Helps control cravings

Hourglass Fit makes you feel fuller after meals, so you have fewer cravings during the day.

Boosts energy

The fat burner boosts energy without any synthetic stimulants like caffeine. It helps you keep stable energy throughout the day.

Reduces hunger

Unique natural ingredients suppress hunger and make you feel more satiated after eating.

Increases metabolism

Natural ingredients in Hourglass Fit optimize thyroid hormones and stimulate metabolism, allowing you to lose weight faster. Ingredients like cayenne pepper extract heat up the body, releasing even more energy and burning fat more quickly.

Promotes skin and hair health

A blend of vitamins and minerals ensures that the skin and hair stay healthy during weight loss.

Enhances vitamin absorption

When you restrict calories, you need to utilize vitamins and minerals better. Hourglass Fit enhances nutrient absorption and utilization.

We will go over the benefits more below.

Here’s what the product looks like:

Source: https://www.thesportreview.com

Hourglass Fit soon gained a lot of public attention, and many famous influencers tried the supplement and now recommend it. What also makes this brand stand out is hundreds of positive reviews, with customers swearing to the actual results.

I gave Hourglass Fit a try because I gained a lot of excess body fat after college. There were so many on the market, but this has ingredients that are scientifically researched, and they are all-natural.

They don’t promise results, and you do have to work, but you get into a good routine.

I saw great results with Hourglass Fit and making sure I ate properly and also going to the gym.

I lost 10lbs in two months by taking Hourglass Fit which was all excess body fat and I have been able to maintain it ever since I lost it. – Lea, USA

Love the container good twist on the name and presentation, the pills gave me a hot flush feeling and I could defiantly feel something was going on, easy to swallow and no aftertaste hope they help. – Simon Pilch

Hourglass Fit before and after

Here are the pictures of a satisfied Hourglass Fit customer.

Hourglass Fit customer before

Hourglass Fit customer after

How does Hourglass Fit work?

1. Helps control cravings

Hourglass Fit fat burner contains ingredients that make you feel fuller after taking it, meaning you are less likely to overeat. Food cravings can occur because of stress, nutritional deficiencies, or even boredom. When you feel full, you are less likely to exceed your daily caloric intake, and this way, you can lose weight faster.

2. Boosts energy

Hourglass Fit doesn’t contain stimulants like caffeine, but the ingredients used in the supplement naturally boost your energy. Some of them (we will go over the ingredients later) allow absorbing minerals and vitamins better, allowing you to utilize energy more efficiently. When you feel more energized, you can perform better physically and further advance your weight loss journey.

3. Reduces hunger

Hunger can occur not only because you are actually hungry but because you might be dehydrated or just bored. Snacking throughout the day drastically boosts your caloric intake, hindering your progress. Natural ingredients in Hourglass Fit fat burner make you feel fuller, so you don’t overeat when you don’t actually feel hungry.

4. Boosts metabolism

A fast metabolism is one of the ways to expedite your weight loss progress. A fast metabolism means you absorb nutrients better and more efficiently and eliminate waste and toxins more rapidly. Hourglass Fit ingredients regulate thyroid hormones that are responsible for metabolism and boost it so you can see results faster.

Also, Hourglass Fit is a thermogenic supplement, meaning it increases metabolism by heating up the body.

5. Promotes skin and hair health

Rapid weight loss can actually damage your skin and hair. That’s why it’s crucial to replenish the minerals and vitamins necessary for this tissue regeneration. Hourglass Fit contains ingredients like zinc and B6 to support healthy skin and hair.

6. Enhances vitamin absorption

Weight loss works best when you combine calorie restriction with physical exercise. However, you need to be aware that by eating less, you might consume less important nutrients. That’s why some of the nutrients that Hourglass Fit contains are known to boost vitamin and mineral absorption, ensuring you feel well while losing weight.

Ingredient overview


Glucomannan is a dietary fiber extracted from konjac roots. The plant traditionally grows in parts of Southeast Asia and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Nowadays, it’s a popular supplement for weight loss as it seems to help lose pounds faster. But how does it work? Glucomannan absorbs water in the stomach and intestines and relieves constipation. On top of that, it can absorb glucose and cholesterol, aiding the reduction of these elements.

Moreover, dietary fiber found in konjac roots is low in calories and has appetite suppressing qualitiesStudies show that eating fiber-rich foods together with your meals increases your satiety and reduces hunger for a longer time (1). Another study done solely on glucomannan showed that people who took this extract had significantly improved their weight loss efforts compared to the placebo group.

One more study showed that after taking 1 g of glucomannan 1 hour before meals, subjects reduced their LDL cholesterol, but not HDL cholesterol, and had a positive impact on weight loss (2). In most studies, glucomannan fiber performed better compared to other fiber content.


5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is an amino acid produced in the brain and converted to serotonin. Serotonin is a primary neurotransmitter that induces happiness and has antidepressant qualities. You can also get this amino acid from food. Food that contains 5-HTP is chicken, turkey, pumpkin seeds, milk, potatoes. However, for more noticeable results, you can choose to supplement.

Hourglass Fit uses this ingredient in their list because of serotonin-boosting qualities and because 5-HTP is known to help lose weight. Many studies indicate that 5-HTP is effective in aiding the weight loss journey in two ways. Firstly, it suppresses the appetite, and secondly, it alleviates depression and stress or sadness-induced eating problems like overeating (3).

Both human and animal studies suggest that taking 5-HTP supplements helped subjects lose weight, and most of them reported or showed less hunger and cravings (4), (5).

B group vitamins

Hourglass Fit supplements contain B2, B6, B12 vitamins. B vitamins are essential for the body, and because they are water-soluble, the body doesn’t store them well, so you should get enough of B2, B6, B12 every day. You can get a recommended daily intake of B group vitamins by eating red meat, organ meats, poultry, dairy, salmon. Some plant-based options are almonds, spinach, bananas, chickpeas, fortified cereals. Many people nowadays are deficient in B group vitamins, in such cases is necessary to supplement.

Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is necessary to regulate optimal blood pressure and red blood cell production. It’s crucial for the nervous system as well. Hourglass Fit uses B2 because it helps convert food to energy better, and that’s essential when going through weight loss.

B6 or pyridoxine is another essential vitamin for the nervous system, hemoglobin production, and other vital bodily processes. Most of its effects are on cognition and the nervous system. Vitamin B6 can help reduce the signs of depression and aid mood. Many studies show that people deficient in B6 have higher risks of depression and other mood disorders (6). One study even demonstrated that by increasing your B6 and B12 intake by an additional 10 mg per day, you could lower the risks of depression by 2%.

B12 is also essential for a healthy nervous system, bones, and optimal blood cell production. Hourglass Fit adds this vital vitamin to their blend to stabilize moods. And it sure delivers. B12 is known to help deal with depression and negative moods. Studies reveal that people deficient in B12 are more likely to suffer from depression (7). The same study demonstrated that by taking vitamin B12 supplements, most subjects reduced their depression symptoms by 20%.


Chromium is an essential mineral found in foods like grape and orange juice, broccoli, poultry, beef, and some other fruits and vegetables. Chromium is necessary for glucose absorption and regulation, as well as controlling insulin sensitivity. That’s why this mineral is highly recommended for diabetic people. However, it also seems to be effective in reducing hunger and cravings.

Studies show that optimal and increased intake of chromium could benefit weight loss (8). Although the findings are minimal, the mineral seems to affect how many pounds subjects in these studies lost. On top of that, studies demonstrate that supplementing with chromium could reduce food cravings and binge eating (9), (10).


Zinc is another essential mineral on the list. It is crucial for protein synthesis in the body, a healthy nervous system, skin, hair, and nail health, and many other bodily functions. Good food sources of zinc are oysters, eggs, dairy, red meat, legumes, pumpkin and sesame seeds, and some nuts. Hourglass Fit uses zinc because of its positive effects on thyroid hormones. The thyroid is directly responsible for metabolism.

Analysis of studies on zinc shows that this mineral plays a vital role in preventing some metabolic disorders like atherogenic dyslipidemia, hyperglycemia, insulinemia (11), (12), (13). Another study indicated that obese subjects managed to lose more weight by taking 30 mg of zinc per day for 15 weeks compared to the placebo group.


Capsimax® is a unique derivate of bioactive capsaicinoids from cayenne peppers. Capsaicinoids are compounds found in chili peppers that give them a spicy flavor. However, the burning sensation you feel after eating a chili pepper is not because the food actually burns you but because capsaicin stimulates pain receptors in your skin and tissue. Supplements like Capsimax® don’t burn and can be used to aid weight loss by heating up the body and boosting metabolism.

Studies, in fact, indicate that consuming capsaicinoids can expedite the metabolism and even help lose fat faster (14), (15), (16), (17). One research showed that taking 6 mg per day of capsinoids resulted in faster abdominal fat loss compared to the placebo group. Other evidence also supports that taking capsaicin before workouts can help break down fat faster.


Bioperine® is a supplement created by synthesizing piperine, a compound found in black pepper. Black pepper is a staple in many cuisines across the world, but even if you spice your meals with it, you probably don’t get enough of piperine to notice its positive effects. Hourglass Fit fat burner contains Bioperine® because it could boost metabolism, burn down fat faster, and aid weight loss.

One study found that piperine speeded up mice fat and carbohydrate metabolism during exercise. Another study showed that piperine increases the metabolic rate of resting muscle fibers, meaning it can aid weight loss even without much physical activity.

What makes Hourglass Fit stand out from its competitors?

After carefully analyzing the Hourglass Fit ingredient list and benefits, we can say this fat burner definitely stands out from its competitors. Hourglass Fit is a trusted European brand, each of their bottle is made in the USA and UK in FDA-approved facilities that meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations. The company has a long list of satisfied customers. Their formula combines only natural, vegan, and clean ingredients that, as we can see, have scientific proof to help lose weight and aid other vital bodily processes during this journey.

Another thing that makes Hourglass Fit stand out is that they are completely transparent about their ingredients, and you can find the exact amounts of each element on their list. It is GMO, soy, and gluten-free also doesn’t contain stimulants like caffeine, so the effect comes only from the natural ingredients.

What can you expect from taking Hourglass Fit?

After analyzing the Hourglass Fit ingredient list and positive testimonials, we can say that this fat burner should help you lose weight more efficiently. Although everyone is different, and you should take into consideration metabolic differences, ingredients found in this fat burner are promising.

As the company states on their website, Hourglass Fit contains only gentle ingredients, so you can use the supplement continuously. Together with a balanced diet and exercise, you should notice results within three months. Most people in the reviews start noticing results within the first two months.

Side effects

Hourglass Fit is considered to be safe for most people. The company uses only gentle and natural ingredients and dosages that are safe to take for a prolonged time. However, pay attention to the ingredient list to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the mentioned components.

If you feel unsure whether Hourglass Fit is safe for you, you can check it with your health practitioner.

Hourglass Fit positive customer reviews

Hourglass Fit has plenty of positive reviews on Amazon and their own website. Most people praise that the capsules helped them lose fat faster, feel more energized, and suppress constant hunger. Others also noticed that the capsules, although they seemed rather big, are easy to swallow and don’t irritate the stomach. Some customers also pointed out that compared to other fat burners, Hourglass Fit doesn’t give jitters associated with stimulants like caffeine.

Hourglass Fit negative customer reviews

There are a few bad reviews of the product, but most of them are from people who haven’t noticed any results or mentioned a high price. In fact, Hourglass Fit can be a bit over the budget for some people. And if you don’t combine it with a balanced diet and exercises, you might not experience very noticeable results.

Is Hourglass brand worth it?


  • Transparent, natural, vegan ingredients with a proven scientific record
  • Many positive reviews
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Manufactured in the UK and USA
  • Help lose weight, manage cravings and can suppress hunger
  • Boosts metabolism and speeds up the breaking down of fats and carbohydrates
  • Created for women, but shows results for men too
  • Burns belly fat


  • High price
  • It might not work for everyone, especially if not combined with proper diet and exercise

Where to buy Hourglass Fit

You can buy Hourglass Fit on the company’s website. You can order one month’s supply, two-month supply, or three-month supply plus a free bottle for one month. They ship worldwide, and you should expect your delivery to be delivered within 1-15 days (1-4 for the shipping in the UK and USA, longer shipping in other European countries and the rest of the world). You can also order Hourglass Fit on Amazon.

Hourglass Fit price

One month’s supply, containing 120 capsules, costs €50, two-month supply €100, and three-month supply plus one bottle for free costs €150.

Hourglass Fit alternatives

Leanbean vs. Hourglass Fit

Leanbean is a fat burner designed for women. It works by reducing cravings and caloric intake, burning fat faster, increasing metabolism and energy. It’s produced by the company named Ultimate Life, they are also based in the UK. Like Hourglass Fit, Leanbean contains key ingredients like chromium, glucomannan, piperin, zinc, and B group vitamins. They also disclose all their ingredients and their amount in each serving.

However, Leanbean contains caffeine and might not be suitable for those more sensitive to stimulants. On the other hand, a one-month supply of Leanbean costs €44.99. But you have to take 2 capsules, 3 times a day, which might be inconvenient for some people.

Instant Knockout Cut vs. Hourglass Fit

Instant Knockout Cut is actually produced by the same manufacturer as Hourglass Fit. The main difference is that Instant Knockout Cut is designed for both men and women, with a focus on MMA fighters. This fat burner also contains staple ingredients like black pepper extract, glucomannan, B vitamins. On top of that, Instant Knockout Cut adds L-Theanine and vitamin D, which are necessary for the healthy brain and the nervous system.

One month’s supply also costs €50. However, this supplement contains caffeine, so it might not fit those sensitive to it. And it leans towards people who do a lot of physical activity, so if you want a more gentle effect, Instant Knockout Cut might not be right for you.

Hourglass Fit overview


Hourglass Fit (120 capsules)



Price per serving


Shipping time

  • Shipping in the UK 1-2 working days;

  • Europe 3-6 working days;

  • USA, Canada, and other countries 2-15 working days.

Money-back guarantee

Can be returned within 14 days (UK) or 30 days (USA, Canada), but the package should be intact.

Amazon rating

3.7 out of 5

Side effects

Not indicated


Fat loss, faster metabolism, lower appetite, and cravings.


Roar Ambition Ltd. Whitehall Waterfront, Unit G4, 2 Riverside Way, Leeds LS1 4EH Registered Company Number in England and Wales



Is Hourglass Fit worth it?

Hourglass Fit fat burner seems to be effective in aiding weight loss. It does it by suppressing appetite, reducing cravings, and giving you the feeling of fullness. On top of that, the supplement boosts your metabolism and fat burning. After analyzing their ingredient list and customer reviews, we can say that Hourglass Fit can be an effective addition to your weight loss journey. Be sure to combine it with regular physical activity and a balanced diet for the best results.

One month’s supply comes with 120 pills that you should take four times a day. Capsules are easy to swallow and don’t have an unpleasant smell. However, the supplement is a bit pricey for some people, so it might not fit everyone. But if you can afford it, there’s no harm in trying it, because the blend contains gentle and natural ingredients that should be safe and effective in the long term.

Hourglass Fit

Hourglass Fit

We Recommend

  • Transparent, natural, vegan ingredients with a proven scientific record
  • Many positive reviews
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Manufactured in the UK and USA
  • Help lose weight, manage cravings and can suppress hunger

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