How Effective Are Weight Loss Supplements?

How Effective Are Weight Loss Supplements

Many debates are going on about weight loss supplements and to be honest, most of them are bogus. There so many different kinds of weight loss supplements all over the internet that it is difficult to decide which one works and which one doesn’t.

In this article, we would talk about how effective they are and if they are really worth the heavy prices that you pay for.

Different Types of Weight Loss Supplements & How They Work?

The mechanism of action of weight loss supplements can vary depending on the type. Different types of weight loss supplements have different effects on the human body. Some of the popular weight loss supplements, their mechanism of action, and their effectiveness are reviewed below.

Appetite Suppressants

One of the most popular types of weight loss supplements is Appetite Suppressants which works by reducing our appetite for food which helps us to eat less and reduce our weight. 

Effectiveness: Appetite suppressors like PhenGold can start working in the first two weeks but the brain adjusts to the new levels and it doesn’t remain effective after eight weeks.

L – Carnitine 

Another type of popular weight loss supplement is L – Caritinine which works by increasing the fat burning process in our body. It can be effective if you intake it when you are working out regularly. 

Effectiveness: L-Carnitine can reduce up to 5 pounds of weight within 3 months. This has been found when a study was done on 11 people.

Fat Blockers

Fat Blockers work by not allowing the fats in our body to be dissolved into glycerol and fatty acids. Fat Blockers work by binding with lipase which is required to bind with fats so it can be dissolved.

Effectiveness: Some studies found that Fat Blockers like Orlistat can reduce weight by 6 pounds.


CLA is also another rare weight loss supplement that works by increasing the metabolism in our body. It increases the intake of fatty acids in our body which we can’t get in enough quantities from natural sources.

Effectiveness: CLA had been seen to reduce 0.1 kg of weight per week. The process of weight loss continued up to 6 months after it stopped showing any effect.

How Costly Are They?

Weight loss supplements can be pretty costly and most of them cost on average $40. The price increases when the brands are popular and more people are buying them. 

The prices add up quickly as all of them are required to take for a longer duration. Even if they work they could leave your wallet pretty empty and these magic pills are definitely expensive.

My Honest Opinion

I am usually very skeptical about the effectiveness of weight loss supplements but time and again you hear stories about people losing weight miraculously after intaking many of the weight loss pills.

If you are not lazy and want to lose weight by working out and changing your diet that is much more natural than popping pills. However, if you lazy and want to get quick results then the weight loss pills can be your perfect answer.  

Anna A. Cudney

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