How To Ask Your Doctor For Weight Loss Pills?

how to ask your doctor for weight loss pill

Very often, many patients want to lose weight but get embarrassed to talk to a doctor about it. However, you should know that there is nothing embarrassing about it. Doctors are always there to help you recover any kind of health problems you have.

So, it will be healthier for you to ask your doctor for your medication plans instead of watching YouTube videos or reading online magazines and blogs. 

Losing weight can be a rather difficult job and requires not only the right plan but also a lot of patience. Since your doctor already knows your medical history, they can prescribe the best weight loss pills for you.

Nevertheless, if you want your doctor to give you a weight loss pill, you will have to ask first. And that should always start with a reasonable conversation. Follow these steps to have a conversation buildup:

Make an appointment and prepare yourself:

You can’t just enter into your doctor’s office, right? At first, you will have to make an appointment. After you are done with the appointment, prepare yourself with the questions you want to ask your doctor. Write them down. Also, ensure to make a list of all the problems you have right now and the medicines you are taking for them. Remember to take the list with you while meeting the doctor.

Start a relevant conversation:

If you are feeling shy to ask for a direct weight loss pill, then start a conversation that might lead to the question later. Since your doctor checks your weight on every visit, you can start by asking: “Am I at a healthy weight?” That should be enough for your doctor to answer whether you need to lose weight or not.

Ask for pills:

If your doctor suggests you to lose weight or just might say that losing weight can be better for you, it’s your right chance to ask him/her for a weight loss pill. The advantage of asking a doctor is, you will get medicines that can’t harm your body or can’t worsen any medical condition you might already have.

Now, your doctor can just simply give you medicine that will help you to lose weight without any real trouble. For example, your doctor can prescribe you to take “PhenGold”, a powerful weight loss pill, twice a day for six months.

However, sometimes pills are not the answer to your problems. In that case, the doctor might suggest some exercises or diet plans.

Ask questions:

Another advantage of taking advice from a doctor is that you can ask any question related to your health. Make sure to ask all the questions that you prepared earlier before leaving the chamber. You can have many questions regarding weight loss. Like:

  • Will the pill have an impact on my medical condition?
  • How much can I lose at this rate?
  • What if I don’t get any results?

So, this is pretty much how to ask your doctor for weight loss pills. You can always just bring up the question in a conversation.

Anna A. Cudney

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