How to Take Weight Loss Supplements?

How to Take Weight Loss Supplements?

When you need help to lose some weight, supplement is a good option. It is very easy to collect supplements but it is quite difficult to use it in a systematic way to get the best use of it. You might be looking for the best manual to take weight loss supplements. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you for taking proper steps before you take a supplement.

If you want to know how to take weight loss supplements in a systematic way, you have to adopt a proper daily routine, need to do exercise, need to take proper nutrition and you have to be a calorie deficit.

In this article, I have listed the “3 Needs” that will guide you to take supplements in a proper way from where you can understand the basic principles of weight supplements and lead your body in a proper shape.

Step – 1 (Need to know)

As supplements are the combination of vitamin, minerals, and herbal products it has to be properly digested. That is why you need to ensure your activity levels. You cannot depend upon only taking a supplement. You need to:


  • know about the nutrition’s


  • Understand how much fat needs to be burned
  • Take proper calories
  • Calculate BMR and multiply to 1.3 – 1.5 and which result comes to need to reduce 500 calories from that amount
  • Make a normal workout schedule


  • Sleep in a proper way
  • Workout with the combination of cardio and strength training every week
  • Walk close to 10,000 steps a day
  • Consistently eat a healthy diet that helps to complete weight loss goal
  • Eat slightly less than your body burns

Step -2 (Need to Check)

  • Check the ingredient list of the supplement
  • Find more suitable product if there’s any Intolerable ingredient on it
  • Supplement contains thermogenic aids and caffeine. That’s why, if there’s an ingredient that affects your digestion, mood, or sleep, find another product that suits you.

Step -3 (Need to Have)

Isolate Whey Protein (Supplement)

Isolate whey protein has no fat, sugar, carbohydrate, or lactose. Ingesting protein immediately after a workout isn’t necessary if you’ve already had a pre work out meal with sufficient protein. You can take it before or after the workout.

A dose of 20-25gm of whey every day is sufficient to maximize muscle protein synthesis. 170 lb. requires 170 gm protein daily. You can take 130 gm from food source supplement with a 40-gram protein shake to reach the target. Adding fat on the protein powder will reduce the speed of digestion but this won’t affect the process of muscle protein synthesis.

Take your protein with almond/ cashew milk or water that can help you easily save calories but 20-25gm whey seems sufficient to maximize protein synthesis. 40g may provide a small yet significant boost. It can be taken daily to help you reach the daily protein target.


Carnitine helps to convert fat into fuel. It can be taken before Pre-Workout or Morning with an empty stomach or after Post-workout.

You can take 500 or 1500 mg Carnitine but not to take more than two per day. After a month use of Isolate Whey Protein and Carnitine, you can use CLA Supplement.

 CLA Supplement (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

It is an omega 3 ingredient. You could use milk instead of this but there are also other ingredients like calories, fat, lactose present there. That is why CLA is being used. CLA provides only omega 3 ingredients. You can use it 1gm at breakfast or before bed every day.

Preparation Process (Suggested)

  • Almond/ cashew milk of 200 – 250 ml
  • One cup of supplement protein
  • 30 gm of coffee
  • One-piece ice cube
  • Mix it
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Final Words

So, this is my brief guide on how to take a weight loss supplement. Taking the supplement in a processed way is not that easy but it is certainly worth it if you want to lose your weight.

I have divided the whole process into steps and explained each of the steps in detail so that you can understand. I hope I’ve made the explanation clear for you!

If you are looking for my recommendation on weight loss supplement, I’ll definitely recommend PhenGold. PhenGold is an excellent natural weight loss supplement that works from the very root. If you want something that promises to lose your weight within days, then PhenGold is not for you.

PhenGold works from the very root of your body and only in accordance with a good lifestyle, it can help you to lose weight.

Wishing you all the very best for your journey of fitness gaining.

Anna A. Cudney

This is Anna A. Cudney. I have created “Lean Mates” website to help people lose body weight. I have faced the problem of obesity and tried many things to re-shape my body. My goal of this website is to share my experience to help others lose their weight too.

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