Oxyshred Thermogenic Fat Burner Review 2022: Ingredients, Side Effects, Before and After

How often do you get on the scale and check your weight? Probably not very often. And how often do you feel like eating something sweet and unhealthy for your body? Certainly more often than healthy and nutritious food.

But we are all well aware that all the unhealthy things we eat affect our weight. And not just our weight, but our health as well. Excess weight can cause serious diseases in your body. That is why healthy nutrition and sports are becoming more popular, and there are more and more requests on the Internet about weight loss.

Diets? Sports to the point of exhaustion? No, just healthy eating and a bit of physical activity. And the main secret is a fat burner. Today we will look at the Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner, compare it with other fat burners, check the ingredients, and determine whether it is as effective as the manufacturer claims.

Company overview

Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner is founded by a fairly young brand, yet still successful and ambitious, EHPlabs. EHPlabs was founded in 2012 in Utah, USA.

The prefix “EHP” means “extended human potential” because the company produces high-quality and effective supplemYoutheoryents of different kinds, and a person could understand what their potential is. The company has gained fame with its flagship product Oxyshred, which has helped thousands of people to achieve weight loss and achieve their health goals.

Already hundreds of people are sharing their positive reviews and before and after pictures – we don’t doubt you will too. Just look at this:

  • “Love it! It works great. I am 4’11 and weigh 130 lbs. it gives me a blast of energy and also makes me feel happy for some odd reason”, – Amazon Customer
  • “I like the energy this gives me, with a belly burner and lots of cardio I dropped 10 lbs so far. it does make you super dehydrated though, so make sure to increase your water intake”, – Carrie

If we compare reviews on Amazon, more than 70% of people are satisfied with their purchase and are willing to order it again, and only 6% are dissatisfied for some reason.

  • EHPlabs’ main mission is to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. And also to maximise the physical performance and recovery of its customers.

What can an Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner give you?


Sometimes, it is common for people to feel hungry. But when your body feels hungry, you are more likely to want to eat food that is not very healthy. With this fat burner, your problem will be solved, and you will get rid of cravings for unhealthy food.


The human body is constantly expending energy, even when you are not doing anything. Our fat burner speeds up your metabolism, so your body will expend more energy, affecting your weight loss.


In today’s world, people are constantly busy doing something. And by the end of the day, they may not have any energy left. With Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner, this problem will be solved because the stimulants in the ingredients will increase your energy.

Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner is available in powder. The product should be easily tolerated by the body because it is made from natural ingredients and does not contain GMOs and other hazardous ingredients.

The powder should be taken on workout days: 2 times a day, one scoop (included) with water (295 ml), once in the morning, and once 10 minutes before the workout. On non-workout days: take one scoop of water on an empty stomach.

What will you learn from this article?

Now, we encourage you to read a short content of what you can learn from our review.

What is an Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner?

Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner is an extremely powerful thermogenic powder fat burner. It’s fairly new on the market, but it’s already quite popular. People appreciate it for its effectiveness.

How does Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner work and help you lose fat?

The use of this fat burner helps to normalize and improve metabolic processes in the body. In addition, it reduces appetite and adds a healthy amount of energy and mood, which will allow you to exercise more and thus lose weight faster.

The science behind the ingredients of Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner

Undoubtedly, the ingredients are one of the most important parts of any fat burner. That is why this product contains the best ingredients that affect weight loss, and it is scientifically proven. You can read more in the ingredient review.

How is Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner better than its competitors?

  • high-performance
  • natural ingredients
  • 10 years on the market
  • many positive reviews
  • wide range of flavors
  • discounts

The best websites where you can buy Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner

As a matter of fact, one of the best websites where you could buy this product is the official site of the manufacturer. Here you will not encounter any cheating, and you will be sure that your goods will be delivered on time.

Well, if, for some reason, you can not buy the product on the official site, you can order it on sites such as Amazon.

In addition, at the moment, the products are on sale in offline stores; you just need to look around.

Product review

Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner is one of the company’s main developments. One of the exciting advantages is that the fat burner is available as a powdered drink rather than in capsules like most other fat burners. Moreover, this fat burner has many different flavours, and you can choose the one you like best. This does not affect how it works.

Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner is suitable for men and women who have reached the age of 18 years. According to the manufacturer, with the help of this supplement, you can get rid of excess fat in your body.

To achieve the best results, you need to adhere to a proper diet and exercise regime.

One box contains 270 grams of powder which should be enough for 60 servings. Depending on how many spoonfuls you take, the product will be enough for 1 month or more.

Each kit has a measuring spoon with which you can measure your desired portion.

This fat burner became so popular that even athletes and personal trainers began to use it. This is how the company met Elise Rose, who herself used the product from was able to lose a lot of weight.

Together with Elise, the company also cooperates with Greg Ym, athletes and trainers who aim to build muscle mass in men. He not only uses the company’s products on himself but also recommends them to his mentees. He also does online training for EHPlabs.

The science behind how Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner works

We suggest you find out how exactly you will lose weight by taking this fat burner.

Reducing fat

First of all, to lose weight, you need to reduce the amount of fat in your body. Some ingredients that have been added to the fat burner (such as green coffee extract, CLA) will stimulate the body to break down fat cells.

Energy Boost

A full range of B vitamins is included to boost and maintain energy levels. In addition, there is caffeine, which also affects the increase of energy in the body.

Strengthen the immune system

The fat burner contains a complex that includes vitamin C and L-glutamine, which contributes to immune defence by supporting various cellular functions.

Improved Mood

Taurine and caffeine, which are among the ingredients, positively affect the level of mood in your body. In addition, L- tyrosine, which is also present, helps to improve working memory, concentration, and coordination during workouts.

Blood sugar balance

Chromium picolinate, which is added to the formulation, has the advantage of balancing blood sugar levels and reducing insulin resistance. Consequently, you are less likely to get type II diabetes.

Ingredient Review


Are there any scientific studies to confirm it's helpful for fat loss?

Oxyshred Hyper Lipolysis Compound

Confirmed by multiple studies: 12345678910

Oxyshred Immunity Booster

Confirmed by multiple studies: 12

Oxyshred Mood Enhancer 

Confirmed by multiple studies: 1234

Oxyshred Full B Vitamin Spectrum

Confirmed by multiple studies: 12

Oxyshred Hyper Lipolysis Compound

Acetyl L-Carnitine – this is an ingredient that affects brain function and is often added to fat burners. The body itself also produces carnitine, but in large quantities, it helps to burn fat.

Inulin Fiber – helps digestion and stimulates the production of fatty acids.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – is a combination of fatty acids which interacts with the body’s PPAR. This system affects weight loss.

Grapefruit Seed Extract – is one of the best natural ingredients for burning fat, but be careful of allergies.

Guggul Extract Powder – will help increase hormone levels that affect weight loss.

Mangifera Indica – a common mango that has antioxidants that help you lose weight.

Raspberry Ketones – causes increased activity of hormones responsible for stress; it makes our body more agitated and gives fat.

Oleuropein – lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, normalizes blood pressure and supports healthy brain function.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – Slows down carbohydrate intake, which can prevent unwanted weight gain.

Chromium Picolinate – balances blood sugar levels to prevent after-dinner energy glitches.

Oxyshred Immunity Booster

L-Glutamine – When you are sick, your body’s glutamine levels are depleted, so the supplement can help you feel better.

Vitamin C – is a well-known antioxidant and restorative ingredient. It can help reduce inflammation in your body and make you feel more energetic.

Oxyshred Mood Enhancer

Tyrosine – helps you cope with stress and is a nootropic, so it helps increase your ability to cope with stress and stay focused.

Taurine – works in a fat burner as a sedative and enables you to fall asleep faster.

Caffeine Anhydrous – in this case, caffeine increases concentration and stimulates thermogenesis.

L-Theanine – is soothing and relaxing and does not cause drowsiness.

Oxyshred Full B Vitamin Spectrum

It is very nice to see that the fat burner has a complex of vitamins. B vitamins improve intestinal function, and skin health supports emotional health and helps you cope with stress, depression, and increased emotional stress. In addition, they are involved in cell growth, energy metabolism, and muscle function.

In general, they strengthen the immune system and increase the body’s resistance to various diseases.

How is Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner different from competitors?

  • According to the manufacturer, the fat burner is made with the highest possible quality of ingredients. They take their reputation seriously and have maintained it for many years. That’s why the manufacturer doesn’t skimp on details and tries to work for the best results.
  • Universal fat burner for men and women.
  • The fat burner consists of complexes, each of which is responsible for a different function.
  • Nice price.
  • Many flavours to choose from.

How has this product evolved from its previous versions?

Now the company supplies internationally, delivers products faster, and has improved its formulation.

Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner offers powerful substances in innovative forms.

Moreover, the company has created a novelty: a fat-burning drink that does not need to be diluted in water and is ready to be consumed.

What results can you expect using this product?

Do not expect quick results if you do not put any effort into it. If you take a fat burner, you should also eat right and exercise, and then you will lose weight faster. Here are the results you can achieve if you follow the requirements:

Did you expect that? We just can’t believe that the guy on the left and the right are the same person. Well, it is truly the same person. We believe that you can achieve the same results and maybe even better.

What about this result? This is the YouTuber who decided to try this fat burner. Just look at the results he was able to achieve in just 8 weeks.

And now, just look at this beautiful and refined body of a woman who overcame herself and her laziness and achieved incredible results. Now her figure can be ideal for many girls.

Side effects

The manufacturers assure you that you should not have any side effects when using this fat burner. However, you may have individual intolerance to any of the components. In such a case, we recommend you not to take this drug.

And don’t forget, you should consult a doctor before using any medication.

Customer reviews (positive)

As you can notice, the fat burner has an incredible number of positive reviews both on the official website and on other sites. In addition, if you come across this fat burner in an offline store, the salespeople will likely recommend it to you.

Customer reviews (negative)

Despite a large number of positive reviews, there are also negative ones. Most of the negative reviews are not about the properties of the product but rather about its condition.

Sometimes the product may come to the buyer in a crumpled package; unfortunately, no one is immune to this, even though the manufacturer will pack the product well.

In addition, if you don’t buy on the official site and go through retailers instead, we can not know exactly at what temperature the product will be stored. As a consequence, the product gets this kind of feedback:

PROS and CONS table

The company provides a month’s supply of powdered fat burner and guarantees that you will see results.

Is Oxyshred brand worth it?


  • Complexes with natural ingredients.
  • A large number of flavours to choose from.
  • Fast shipping worldwide (free on bulk orders).


  • Not a substitute for a balanced diet and regular exercise.
  • It takes time to notice the benefits and requires a consistent intake regimen.
  • Only 7-Days Money Back Guarantee.

Where to buy Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner

To avoid fakes, you could buy the product from the manufacturer’s official website.

But if for some reason you want to order from another site, you may well choose one of these: AmazonWalmartWBKfit, and VitaminShoppe.

Cost of the supplement

The cost of the product depends on where you buy it. On the official website, you can buy a supplement for $60. But if you subscribe to auto-delivery, you can save 10% and buy the supplement for $54.

Auto-delivery means monthly delivery of the product. You can unsubscribe from the subscription at any time.

If you are going to purchase shipping from other sites, the price can be plus or minus $5 from the amount on the official site.

Alternatives for the product from other brands

Double-tap: is a powder fat burner that is an alternative to Oxyshred. It is designed for athletes and has many flavours and no bad reviews.

LeanMode: is also a powder-fat burner. Developed for weight loss, it improves metabolism and increases the rate of calorie burning.

The Ripper! is a complete and fast-acting fat burner that has many flavours. It can be supplied in individual sticks to try many issues at once.

Product overview table



Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner

Product Type

Fat burner




Aids in faster weight loss

Side Effects

No side effects, unless you are allergic to the ingredients 


On workout days: 1 scoop with water in the morning, 1 scoop 10 minutes before workout

On non-exercise days: 1 scoop on an empty stomach with water.


60 servings


$54 - $60

Money-Back Guarantee

7 days



Official Website

Click here

Is Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner worth it?

Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner is considered one of the best powder supplements for weight loss. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you can achieve the desired results. The product seems to work, and it is worth trying. Positive results will come quickly if you follow the recommendations.


  • How much caffeine is in Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner?

In this fat burner, caffeine is part of one of the complexes that are responsible for a good mood. So we can conclude that there is not much caffeine.

  • How long does it take to see results from Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner?

It depends on your desire and your body. If you continue to eat the wrong foods but take a fat burner, you probably won’t be able to lose weight.

  • Do Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner work for weight loss?

Yes, it works when combined with proper nutrition and exercise. With this fat burner, you will get results much faster than without it.

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