Skald Fat burner Review 2022: Ingredients, Side Effects, Before and After results, Where to Buy

Skald fat burner review

In today’s world, eating right and leading a healthy lifestyle is not only fashionable but also good for health. But despite this, almost half of the world’s population is still overweight.

There are different reasons for this. Some think that good nutrition is tasteless or expensive, some people postpone training in sports, citing the fact that there is not enough time, and some say that losing weight is difficult and takes long. But what if you speed up your weight loss process?

In this article, we will tell you about the Skald fat burner, which will help speed up the weight loss process. We will study all its ingredients, check reviews and customer results, and find out if it is a good fat burner.

Company overview

Skald Fat burner was developed by Beldt Labs in 2011, and the company is firmly established in California, USA. The brand positions itself as a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality nutritional supplements. It produces and sells premium quality nutritional supplements, initially for high-intensity training athletes and later for general people.

The brand was founded by former bodybuilder and martial artist James Atkinson, so the initial focus was on athletes.

So let’s take a look at the reviews and results that the regular person who exercises just to maintain their figure can achieve:

  • “…I lost 13lbs in 30 days with 30 mins of high-intensity cardio. All you have to do is try them. I will let my results speak for themselves…”, – ReReSparkles
  • “…After 3 years of being unable to exercise due to horrific fibroids, I thought I’d never be able to lose my stomach due to the internal inflammation from the fibroids but I was wrong…”, – Autumn

Beldt Labs’s mission is to help its consumers achieve the results they want, just as professional athletes have done, without harming health and maintaining optimal human performance. Thanks to advanced technology and competent scientists, the fat burner is based on natural ingredients.

What can Skald Fat burner give you?

Appetite Control

Feeling hungry is a very unpleasant feeling that people should not experience. When you feel hungry, your body unknowingly reaches for fast carbohydrates and fats. Skald Fat burner will get rid of your cravings for the wrong foods.


Of course, in the process of losing weight, you must have enough energy for your daily routine and sports. The Skald Fat burner will give you more energy and improve your mood.

Loss of fat

During your weight loss journey, it is important that you lose body fat and not muscle. Our fat burner is designed to burn fat so you can get in shape faster.

Skald fat burner is available in pills. The product is well accepted by the body because it is made from natural ingredients and does not contain GMOs, gluten, and other hazardous components.

Skald Fat burner pills should be taken 2 times (in the morning and at lunch, 5-6 hours after taking 1st). It is not recommended to take the last tablet later than 5 hours before bedtime, as the product contains caffeine and this may disturb your sleep. Consult your doctor before use.

What will you learn from this article?

We suggest you read the intriguing information that you can learn in our article today.

What is Skald fat burner?

Skald fat burner is a revolutionary fat burner for both men and women. It serves for total body fat loss and to improve your physique. The manufacturers use natural ingredients that will help you lose weight and become more resilient.

How does Skald fat burner work and help you lose fat?

The use of a fat burner will help improve metabolic processes in the body, as well as give you strength and mood during training. In addition, in the process of taking it, you will have an excellent reduction of cravings for extra food.

The science behind the ingredients of the Skald fat burner

One of the essential parts of any dietary supplement is composition. This fat burner contains only natural ingredients that promote weight loss and increase stamina.

How is Skald fat burner better than its competitors?

  • designed for athletes
  • highly efficient
  • natural ingredients
  • more than 10 years in the market

The best websites where you can buy Skald fat burner

You could buy the fat burner on the official website. It can also be purchased on retailer sites such as AmazonGNC, and eBay.

Product review

The supplement was originally developed for mixed martial arts fighters, boxers, athletes, and bodybuilders. But over time, manufacturers have changed the composition of ingredients and made the fat burner publicly available so that everyone can achieve weight loss results.

Skald Fat burner is suitable for both men and women who are over 18 years old. According to the manufacturer, you will be able to get rid of the hated fat in problem areas. If you add to this proper diet and exercise regime, the result will be much more effective and faster.

1 box contains 60 capsules – this is a supply for one month. If you begin taking the capsules, start with 1 capsule a day, 15-20 minutes before breakfast. If you feel great on the first day and do not have any side effects from taking capsules, 5-6 hours after taking 1st capsule, you can take 2nd.

The maximum dose is 3 pills. If you are a person who is very active in sports, you can take 3 tablets. In this case, you need to take 2 pills 15 minutes before breakfast and 1 after 5-6 hours.

Since this fat burner was developed by a former bodybuilder, of course, famous personalities collaborate with the company. For example, Stephane Bonnard forms an official partnership with the Beldt Labs brand. Besides, Joe Vedepo also cooperates with the company.

The science behind how Skald fat burner works

Let’s find out exactly how you will lose weight with this fat burner.


To lose weight, you need to eat right and exercise. But sometimes it is quite difficult to exercise when you have to work all day. To keep your body from feeling tired, the fat burner has added ingredients such as caffeine and green tea extract to help you maintain optimal energy levels and improve your mood.

Fat Loss

When you exercise, your body needs extra energy to increase thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is when your body releases heat, and your body burns extra calories from it. If you increase thermogenesis, your calorie burning will also increase.


To lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories. If you are used to eating a lot, this can be quite difficult for you. But the fat burner contains components that will help you control your hunger so you will not want to overeat.


Of course, when we increase energy levels and start eating the right foods, our metabolism accelerates. Here’s how the system works: the faster your metabolism, the better, because that way, extra calories will be consumed faster.

Respiratory Support

Not every fat burner has this function. Energy production is a complex process and requires oxygen. But when your muscles are under stress (after a workout), and there is not enough oxygen, then you get delayed onset muscle soreness. Our fat burner will help your muscles get extra oxygen, and then you will not have lactic acid buildup and, therefore, you will not feel uncomfortable after your workout.

Ingredient Review


Are there any scientific studies to confirm it's helpful for fat loss?


Confirmed by multiple studies: 12


Confirmed by multiple studies: 12

Green Tea Extract

Confirmed by multiple studies: 12

Bitter Orange

Confirmed by multiple studies: 12

White Willow Bark 

Confirmed by multiple studies: 12

Lobelia Herb 

Confirmed by at least 1 study


Confirmed by multiple studies: 12

Evodia Rutaecarpa

Confirmed by multiple studies: 12

Yohimbe Bark

Confirmed by multiple studies: 12

Black Pepper Extract

Confirmed by multiple studies: 12


This ingredient is one of the most common supplements in fat burners, as it is one of the well-known and natural stimulants. It is safe (if there is no intolerance to the body), tones you up, and increases your metabolic rate. It is not recommended to take additional products with caffeine (coffee, tea, cocoa beans, energy drinks) if you take a fat burner with caffeine.


This is a modified form of the structural amino acid tyrosine. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is available on the sports nutrition market as a single supplement and in complex products (pre-training complexes, fat burners, energy supplements). In sports, it is used to increase performance, enhance motivation and create optimal conditions for lipolytic processes. In medicine, it is used as an auxiliary agent to treat many diseases.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract oxidises fats and uses up energy. It contains catechins. Green tea extract helps break down stored energy.

If you have concerns about carbohydrate intake, green tea extract can help digest starch in the body.

Bitter Orange

These are small oranges with yellow-orange peels, and their flesh is incredibly sour and bitter. Mostly, these oranges are not intended for eating. These fruits are used for their juice, peel, and zest in various cuisines worldwide. For example, their juice is often used in sauces, marinades, and occasionally in desserts.

The benefit of oranges is to stimulate the digestive system, prolonging the feeling of fullness. It has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of their alkaloids, they are often included in weight loss programs. And in our fat burner, they are added to control satiety.

White Willow Bark

White willow bark is an effective remedy in folk medicine that helps people cope with viral diseases. For a long time, it has been used as a therapeutic agent, as an independent, separate preparation and as part of other medicines. It has a diuretic and antiseptic effect. In the composition of fat burner, it helps to remove excess water from the body during workouts.

Lobelia Herb

It is a flowering plant that was harvested for medicinal purposes. It grows in North America. There are hundreds of species of this flower, but they all have tall green stems, long leaves, and tiny purple flowers. It is most often used for different types of ailments such as asthma, depression, and attention deficit disorder, and it can even help people who have abused drugs.

It turns into a fat burner; it is used to block certain receptors in the brain that play a role in the development of bad moods and even depression. But using this plant as an antidepressant is undoubtedly not a good idea. Rather, it is added so that during the weight loss journey, you will have a good mood without eating sweets and chocolate.


Theobromine is a white crystalline powder, slightly bitter to the taste. It was first found in 1841 from the seeds of cacao or cocoa beans. It has the same properties as caffeine and is very close to it in its chemical composition. Accordingly, it has the same effects as caffeine.

Nowadays, it is often added to food supplements, but even more often, it can be found in toothpaste. Yes, it may sound strange, but theobromine can provide an increase in enamel hardness, which is excellent protection against cavities.

Evodia Rutaecarpa

This is a little-known fruit that grows in China. We are sure that you have never heard of it before. Its extract has been used in Chinese medicine for at least 2,000 years. When taken internally, it can cure nausea, cold symptoms, flu, and headaches.

Moreover, the fruit has a good effect on the skin microcirculation. It revitalises the complexion, makes it look radiant, soothes irritated skin, and reduces redness. It also has an excellent effect on reducing the sensitivity to stress factors.

Yohimbe Bark

Yohimbe extract is clear and odourless with a bitter taste, and it is traditionally consumed in the form of tea. Currently, medicines and supplements containing Yohimbe bark are available in the form of capsules and tablets. Yohimbe bark extract has beneficial effects on humans, such as improving mood, helping to combat depression, and affecting sexual desire. As a fact, people considered Yohimbe extract as a male drug only.

Black Pepper Extract

Also known as piperine, it promotes weight burning in several ways: it activates metabolism and increases thermogenesis. This is because it acts as a switch for two receptors in the body, TRPA1 and TRPV1, which, when activated, increase energy metabolism and inhibit fat cell formation.

How is Skald fat burner different from competitors?

  • The Beldt Labs product is made in good quality in GMP-approved facilities. The company takes its reputation seriously and wants to continue maintaining it for years to come, so they make their product one of the best.
  • The fat burner is universal for both men and women so that anyone can lose weight.
  • It consists only of natural ingredients that are proven to help in weight loss.
  • It has a very loyal price.
  • Affects your appetite, so it is important not to want to overeat.

How has this product evolved from its previous versions?

Thanks to signing contracts with various famous athletes, the companies can now make international deliveries. In addition, they have improved their formulations and delivered their products faster.

What results can you expect using this product?

Before taking a fat burner, you should understand that you will not get quick results. The fat burner only helps to speed up the process of natural weight loss a little, but you will not lose weight overnight. If we talk about the results of other people, let’s see what they were able to achieve:

Not only do men want abs on their stomachs, but women too. And this lady was able to achieve what she wanted by working hard on herself and taking Skald Fat burner. Just look at the results before and after.

Sometimes, people eat and don’t even notice how quickly they gain weight. And then when they put on their clothes, they realise that they don’t have enough on. Probably the same thing happened to this woman, but she pulled herself together and was able to lose weight with the help of our supplement. Just look at how many pounds she lost and how much younger she became.

In this photo, it is like two different people, but it is the same lady who wanted to and who was able to lose weight. Just look at her slim waist and neat arms. This lady seems to have lost not only weight, but she has also reduced her age by 5-7 years.

Side effects

According to the manufacturer, the product should be easily tolerated by the body and should not cause any side effects.

But there is caffeine, which can cause insomnia if you take the last pill a couple of hours before bedtime. It is recommended to take the capsule at least 5 hours before bedtime.

Customer reviews (positive)

The company and their fat burner have so many cool reviews from positive people. They share their story of taking the fat burner and how it helped them achieve their goals.

Customer reviews (negative)

The company also has several negative reviews, mostly related to the fact that people say that the product does not work.

PROS and CONS table

The company provides a 1-month supply of pills and guarantees that you will see results.

Is Skald Fat Burner brand worth it?


  • Natural ingredients, strict quality selection.
  • Fast shipping worldwide
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee.


  • Not a substitute for a balanced diet and regular exercise.
  • It takes time to notice the benefits and requires a consistent intake regimen.

Where to buy Skald fat burner?

We do recommend purchasing the product from the manufacturer’s official site; in this case, you will not be able to buy a fake, and in case of any problems, you will be able to get your money back.

The product can also be purchased on other AmazonGNC, and eBay sites.

Cost of the supplement

The regular price of the fat burner without discounts is $50 on the official website. If you want to buy in bulk, you can get it cheaper; for example, you can buy 3 boxes for $42 (15% discount) and 6 boxes for $40 (20% discount).

Also, like most fat burners from other companies, Beldt Labs is running a promotion: if you sign up for a monthly shipping subscription, you can get 10% off each item:

  • 1 box will cost you $44 (instead of $50)
  • 3 boxes will cost you $37.50 (instead of $42)
  • 6 boxes will cost you $35 (instead of $40)

Alternatives for the product from other brands

Ultra Omega Burn: a fat burner for weight loss. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and improves skin health. There are possible side effects.

Gundry MD TriTrim: a diet pill that reduces cravings for food by making you lose weight. Increases positive mood and controls sugar.

Burn Lab Pro: it is a fat burner suitable for both men and women. It consists entirely of natural ingredients that affect weight loss.

Product overview table



Skald Fat burner

Product Type

Fat burner


Beldt Labs


Helps you lose weight a little faster

Side Effects

No side effects, unless you are allergic to the ingredients 


2 pills (1st in the morning, 2nd 5-6 hours later)


60 capsules


$35 - $50

Money-Back Guarantee

30 days



Official Website

Click here

Is Skald fat burner worth it?

Although there are also negative reviews about the product’s efficacy, we are still inclined to say that it’s worth trying. We’re seeing a lot more positive feedback with great before and after results and product content.


  • Is Skald Fat burner vegan and vegetarian friendly?

No, this product is not vegan because it contains a gelatin capsule that is not vegan.

  • Do Skald Fat burner capsules work?

We are inclined to say yes because we see the results that customers achieved while taking the fat burner.

  • Is Skald Fat burner safe?

The fat burner is quite safe, but it contains caffeine which can be addictive. In this case, we recommend taking periodic breaks from the fat burner.

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