Trimtone (Fat-Burner) Review 2022: Does it Work? Results – Before and After and Other Useful Info

trimtone review

“There is always light at the end of the tunnel”

If you want to revert to the appealing goddess-like figure that you have lost post-pregnancy, we have a solution for you.

For your hopelessness, we have all the rays of hope for you!

All ladies fighting with an obese body and stubborn fat must read us out as we have brought a marvelous solution to their fat issues.

If you want to trim the fat and improve the tone, adopt Trimtone.!

Trimtone is a 100% natural fat burner designed for women. The natural formulation quickly and effectively burns down fats and aids you in shedding those extra kgs with utmost ease.

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Trimtone Company: Aim Of Trimtone

The manufacturers of Trimtone have been helping out people live healthy lives since 1999. The main aim of this company is to provide busy women with a hassle-free and easy way to lose weight.

Trimtone company ensures women of all ages get a potent way of burning fat right at their table that is easy to use as well.

After reviewing the complexities of to use (multiple pills per day) of multiple fat-burning supplements and their poor impact on the dietary habits of women, Trimtone was designed as a once-daily pill to cut down the frenzy.

Do Their Products Really Work?

Yes, there are numerous accounts of Trimtone’s effectiveness. You can get an idea of the product’s effectiveness by the real reviews of users.

Danielle C Danielle C

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-star Review

“I’ve tried other weight loss supplements in the past, and stopped taking them because they made me feel jittery and over-caffeinated. Trimtone doesn’t make me feel that whatsoever”.

Cynthia SCynthia S

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-star Review

“Trimtone really surprised me with how much it helped with fasting and my evening workouts. It’s one of the best weight loss supplements I’ve ever used”.

Trimtone Fat Burner Supplement Review

In this article we will be reviewing one of the best fat-burning supplements for women i.e. Trimtone.

What Is Trimtone Natural Fat Burner For Women?

This very fat-burning supplement is a battery of natural compounds that help ladies in waiving off stubborn fat. The highly potent ingredients of Trimtone work by suppressing appetite, curbing your cravings, and boosting metabolism.

There are plenty of women from all walks of life that are all praise for this magical weight loss aid.

How Effective It Is In Burning Fat?

The strong and safe fat-burning aid for women is quick to bring about changes in your weight. With Trimtone usage you shall notice improvements in all markers of obesity i.e. waistline, thighs, and weight.

It has helped ladies gain back the self-confidence they had lost owing to an ugly-looking body.

As per Jennifer Stone

“It broke my confidence to look at myself in the mirror. Trimtone has changed everything. Finally, I’ve lost weight!! Just look at my slimmer, sexier figure. I can’t believe it’s me”.

The combination of green coffee, caffeine, and green tea extracts performs superbly in initiating the metabolism of stubborn post-pregnancy fat.

Why Trimtone Is Better Than Others?

There are a number of reasons to choose Trimtone over other manufacturers, which are discussed below:

Made In USA

The product is manufactured in the USA, therefore, residents of the USA can easily contact and visit manufacturers.

Money-Back Guarantee

The company offers a 100-days money-back guarantee if you feel that the product isn’t working. Such offers from fat-burner manufacturers are not very common.

Fast And Free Shipping

The shipping policy of Trimtone is also commendable. According to the official website, American and British residents can expect to receive their orders within 3-7 working days.

The full-fledged warehouses of the firm in the US, Netherlands, and UK ensure quick delivery to different regions.

Trimtone also offers free shipping on any order of 3 or more bottles.

Less Caffeine

According to a number of users, Trimtone usage doesn’t impart the over-caffeinated feel induced by other fat-burning supplements. Therefore, it is described as “easier” to use.

One Pill Daily

The most salient feature of Trimtone is the dosage of this supplement.

Women have busy lives!

Hair-day means the whole day of caressing, nourishing, and working for your hair. A lady on such a day absolutely can not follow a strict supplement regimen. So Trimtone with its one pill daily policy takes a significant lead over the competitors who are still stuck with the hectic ordeal of multiple pills a day.

Natural Ingredients

Trimtone is crafted completely out of natural ingredients. The product is GMP certified and proven to be completely safe for use by women.


Alicia Brookes

Tired of the post-marriage/post-pregnancy weight Alicia Brookes decided to give trimtone a try and this was the best decision of her life. As per her, she had an enthralling experience that helped her lose a whopping 25 pounds in mere 60 days.

Her story of “fat to fit” will surely motivate you. Alicia Brookes was flabbergasted by using Trimtone and is sure that you will be too.

Trimtone Packaging

A single container of Trimtone is designed for 30 days and carries 30 capsules (one for each day). The capsules are made of gelatin, therefore, are not suitable for vegans.

How To Use Trimtone?

You can take a Trimtone capsule in the morning. Just one capsule with water, before breakfast, is all that is required for the supplement to work.

How Does Trimtone Work?

There are multiple ways by which Trimtone works to trigger fat burning in your body. The bodily changes induced by Trimtone are as follows:

Thermogenesis (Burn Body Fat)

The natural ingredients in Trimtone promote fat loss by the process of thermogenesis. The combination of natural ingredients in Trimtone activates the burning of stored adipose tissues (fat cells) in your body for the provision of energy.

This has two effects. First is the reduction of body fat and the second is the provision of extra energy for workouts. So, now you have more energy to work your way into a weight loss exercise strategy.

In a study carried out on obese women, it was found that adaptive thermogenesis plays a significant role in inducing weight loss.

Boosts Metabolic Rate

In addition to kickstarting the fat metabolism, Trimtone also increases your metabolic rate (the rate of breaking down food substrates). As per a 2021 systematic review, green tea catechins (such as that found in Trimtone) effectively increase the resting metabolic rate and thereby, energy expenditure. This rise promotes stored fat metabolism, leading to fat loss.

Suppresses Appetite

Snacking (sweet) score of women was found to be significantly higher than men in a study, indicating their inclination towards this eating habit. Thus, to put an end to the constantly rising fat levels, snacking must be brought to a halt.

As per research from The NPD Group’s SnackTrack women is 15% more likely to snack than men. This puts them at a higher risk of developing obesity.

Trimtone does what is necessary!

It efficaciously cuts down your snacking and hunger cravings to let help you become the lean beauty you always wished for.

Benefits Of Taking Trimtone Fat Burner For Women

There are many health advantages of adding Trimtone to your diet.

  1. No Energy Deficiency

Unlike other famous fat-burning supplements, Trimtone doesn’t breed lethargy and lack of energy. Sufficient amounts of caffeine keep you up and going. The subtle boosts in energy ensure power and motivation to work out with dietary modifications.

  1. Easy Maintenance Of Weight Loss Strategies

A single capsule makes maintaining the weight loss strategy easier. As the consumer has to take just one pill in the day, keeping up with the routine is relatively easy.

  1. Quick Weight Loss Results

As trimtone goes all assault on fat cells, weight loss results appear sooner than ever. The combined effect of appetite suppression, adipose breakdown, and motivation to lose weight take the weight loss effect to the next step.

  1. No More Snacking

Snacking and unwanted eating not only convert you into a small pig-like figure (a term coined by Alicia Brookes) but also take a toll on your overall health. Taking Trimtone reduces your appetite and abates cravings leading to overall healthy life.

Best Websites To Buy Trimtone

The best website to buy Trimtone are

The only way to buy this superb fat-burning supplement for women is via their official website i.e. offers Trimtone but it is not recommended to purchase it from them.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts 

The supplement carries various natural compounds aimed that have shown promising results for weight losing candidates. The good thing about Trimtone is that the supplement for women is free of unusual fillers and artificial compounds.

Following is a review of Trimtone ingredients that discusses how every single ingredient plays its part in beautifying your body.

Trimtone Ingredients Review

All the active components of Trimtone fat-burner for women supplement are as follows:

Green CoffeeGreen Coffee

You all might be familiar with the aromatic black coffee beans and how they keep you alert but do you know there exist green coffee beans too?

These beans, though different in color, impart therapeutic effects similar to their black counterparts.

Lipid Profile

The use of green coffee bean extract (GCBE) can safely prevent conversion from overweight profile to obese profile. A randomized double-blind clinical study advocates the use of GCBE to improve lipid profile and prevent obesity.

From animal trials to controlled studies in humans, the green coffee extract has been exceptional in modulating weight and fat levels. Green coffee bean extract inhibits the accumulation of fat and weight gain in mice. This effect can be attributed to the abundant quantities of chlorogenic acid inside.

Obesity Markers

Extract green beans is considered an inexpensive way of slicing fat and weight. In a study of obese women, it was concluded that green coffee bean extract leads to significant reductions in

  • Bodyweight
  • Fat mass to body mass ratio
  • Waist-to-hip circumference ratio
  • Serum cholesterol, leptin, and free fatty acids

GCBE has such a strong anti-obesity effect that it carries out weight loss even during a high-fat diet.

The extract is believed to bring about changes by upregulation of adipose tissue lipolysis hormones (adiponectin and leptin). Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials declares chlorogenic acid to be potent in improving obesity indices and BMI.

The herbal extract is safe to use and therefore, an effective ingredient of Trimtone.

Recommended Daily Dose

The exact recommended dose of GCBE is unknown. However, it is safe in the range of 120-300mg per day.

Dose Of Green Coffee In Trimtone

Available dose of the green coffee extract is 100 mg per capsule.

Side Effects

Oral consumption of GCBE is completely safe, however, it may trigger an allergic respiratory response in some individuals.

Green Tea Green Tea

Drinking green tea on a daily basis can bring your body to its finest performance. Improved alertness and focus, distance from chronic diseases (heart problems), and weight loss induction are some commendable features of green tea.

Green tea is being advertised as a potent anti-obesity drink and rightly so!

Anti-Obesity Polyphenols

The Camellia Sinensis leaf extract (green tea extract) is a rich source of polyphenols which are multi-beneficial chemicals. The extract seems to do wonders in the weight profile of ladies, making it an ideal component of fat burner supplement for women. Most effective polyphenols include catechins, and epigallocatechin (EGCG).

2019 study found out that tea polyphenols impart an anti-obesity effect by modulating intestinal microbiota and enhancing fat burning. The fat-cutting potential of polyphenols makes them robust chemicals for managing obesity-related syndromes.

Weight Loss

meta-analysis suggests that catechins and EGCG mixed with caffeine can induce slight weight loss. The compounds can also aid in maintaining weight. When given in high doses for 12 weeks, EGCG (from high-dose green tea extract) reduces central obesity markers i.e. waist circumference without any side effects.

As per a randomized controlled trial, green tea extract improves lipid profile and obesity markers by increasing leptin (fat metabolizing hormone) and decreasing LDL levels after 6 weeks of treatment in obese women.

It can safely be concluded that the addition of green tea extract to any fat-loss supplement is a fruitful step.

Recommended Daily Dose

To get pronounced fat-burning effects it is suggested to take 400-500mg of EGCG (polyphenols) daily.

Dose Of Green Tea Leaf Extract In Trimtone

Amount of green tea leaf extract (which is 50% polyphenols) in Trimtone is 100 mg.

Side Effects

There are no significant side effects associated with green tea consumption. Daily intake of up to 800mg has been dealt with to be safe by studies. Amounts greater than 1200 mg can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.


Caffeine is frequently found in famous fat-burning supplements owing to the benefits imparted.

The good thing about Trimtone is that despite handsome amounts of the stimulant (caffeine) inside you don’t get overwhelmingly caffeinated.

Caffeine is abundant in daily consumed beverages such as coffee and tea which are consumed worldwide.

There have been plenty of studies praising the role of caffeine in managing and maintaining body weight. In addition to the contribution to mass reduction, caffeine keeps you alert and vigilant which is of utmost importance to keep you motivated.

Amps Up Fat Oxidation

Fat breakdown (or fat oxidation) is a positive process for those intending to lose weight. People with high caffeine intakes have leaner bodies, lesser fat mass, and lower waist circumference a study suggests. The noted difference is mainly due to elevated thermogenesis and fat oxidation by caffeine.

Boosts Metabolic Rate

Yes, caffeine can assist in weight loss. A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials highlights the role of caffeine in improving basal metabolic rate (BMR), lipid profile, and body fats.

Upgrades Exercise Output

Hiked fat oxidation during physical activity means the provision of more energy to expend (and efficacious fat burning). Research suggests a moderate dosage of caffeine increases fat utilization and improves aerobic exercise output.

Those who wish to lose fat by burning it can consider adding some caffeinated beverage to the diet because even moderate doses (3 mg/kg) of caffeine increases fat oxidation during 1 hour of cycling.

Recommended Daily Dose

To achieve fat-burning effects the recommended daily dose of caffeine typically is 200 milligrams. However, up to 400 milligrams of

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are generally advised not to consume very high amounts of caffeine on a daily basis.

Dose Of Caffeine In Trimtone

120 mg of caffeine in the form of caffeine anhydrous is present in one capsule of Trimtone.

Side Effects

The general side effects of caffeine (headaches, insomnia, over-alertness) are temporary. Anyhow, prolonged excessive consumption can have detrimental effects on blood pressure and gastric health.

Grains Of ParadiseGrains Of Paradise

Aframomum melegueta aka grains of paradise is a gift from mother nature for the overweight mommies. The herb is a relative of ginger and can convert your humungous tummy to a flat slate.

The remarkable anti-diabetic and anti-obesity properties of this herb have been discussed in various authentic studies. Research indicates that grains of paradise has numerous therapeutic benefits ranging from pain relief to weight loss promotion.

Women going through the process of childbearing have a greater tendency to gain weight. Once accumulated, this fat is stubborn and refractory to even the most arduous of exercises. It was found in an animal study that Aframomum melegueta consumption for 18-25 days reduced gestational weight gain, thus, making it an ideal constituent of Trimtone fat burner for women.

Another study revealed that grains of paradise have several positive impacts on body fat and mass. 4-week daily consumption of this herb reduced visceral fat and body fat. It also increased energy expenditure (by activation of brown adipose tissue).

Grains of paradise have abundant quantities of polyphenols (like green tea extract) which can work effectively in reducing weight. Aframomum melegueta is safe and effective, this is why it makes an active ingredient of Trimtone.

Recommended Daily Dose

The exact recommended daily dose of Aframomum melegueta is not clear but one study shows that 10mg daily dose is safe.

Dose Of Aframomum Melegueta In Trimtone

Trimtone weight loss supplement for women has 40 mg of this herb in one capsule.

Side Effects

No significant side effects are noted with grains of paradise.


The next ingredient in line is a dietary fiber that expands inside the stomach helping achieve a fuller feel faster. Glucomannan is your weapon against snacking between meals. It is necessary to keep the fiber levels within normal limits, otherwise bloating can result. Trimtone does an excellent job of keeping the dosage user-friendly.

At doses of 2-4 grams, the glucomannan causes significant weight loss in overweight/obese patients by promoting satiety, a study suggests. It is a highly viscous dietary fiber that improves lipid and lipoprotein parameters of the body.

2020 systematic review and meta-analysis concluded that fibrous supplements like glucomannan have evident positive effects on the lipid profiles of the body and lead to weight loss in obese people.

The anti-obesity and weight loss effects of glucomannan are noticeable only when paired with some other fat-burning herb/compound.

Recommended Daily Dose

The daily recommended dose for glucomannan for weight loss is 3-4 grams.

Dose Of Glucomannan In Trimtone

As the fiber is notorious for causing side effects at high doses, Trimtone is packed with bearable quantities i.e. 100mg or 0.1 grams.

Side Effects

High doses of fiber can cause side effects such as bloating, nausea, and constipation.

Trimtone Vs. Competitors

There are plenty of fat-burning supplements out there which claim to flush out excess fat from your body but Trimtone is unique in a number of ways.

Single Dose

The feature that sets Trimtone apart is the single dosing of the supplement. How busy you get, taking a single pill daily is always manageable. Unlike other fat-burning agents that require you to take a handful of pills daily, Trimtone is a smart choice that has better compliance.

Completely Organic

All the products inside Trimtone are completely organic. So, you can expect it to be safe and pure of harmful additives. The product is GMP certified.

Specially Designed For Women

The ingredients of Trimtone are specially tailored for maximal effect in women. Fat-burning supplements like Zotrim are generally acting whereas Trimtone is specific for the madams.

Quicker Results

With a great tendency to suppress appetite and trigger fat burning, you can expect quick results with Trimtone as compared to other fat-burning supplements.

Money-Back Guarantee

You surely won’t be needing to avail of the money-back offer because it definitely performs and is there to add bliss to your life. Anyways, a 100-day money-back guarantee from the manufacturer is something to be appreciated.

What To Expect From Trimtone?

You can expect quick and long-lasting weight/fat loss effects. To get a better idea of what it does, we are sharing real-life pictures of womens’ journey from fat to fit.

What To Expect From Trimtone?

What To Expect From Trimtone?

Picture credits:

How Soon Can I Expect Results?

Weight loss results vary between individuals and depend on the extent of fat, weight, age, and routine of the patients. However, Trimtone users who adopt exercise with supplements can start seeing changes within a few weeks.

Side Effects

Trimtone is the result of a combination of different natural compounds. The completely natural formula has sufficient doses of caffeine and green coffee (which also contains caffeine). Thus, the only side effects seen with Trimtone are stimulant effects.

Commonly seen side effects include:

  • Insomnia
  • Over-alertness
  • Restlessness
  • Fast heart rate
  • Anxiety

User Reviews

Total Shape

Jessica from Total Shape is a fitness trainer who has personally used Trimtone and recommends it to ladies who have gained quarantine weight.

You can check out her Trimtone review by clicking here.

Grave Brasil

Natalie from Grave Brasil reviews Trimtone and believes all the ingredients in the supplement are exceptional in promoting weight loss. From caffeine to green coffee, all major ingredients perform superbly once inside the body.

Check out how Trimtone works by clicking here.

Is Trimtone brand worth it?


  • Fast weight loss results
  • Completely organic product
  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping across EU, UK, the USA on 3 or more bottles
  • Single-dose per day
  • No over-caffeinated effects


  • Gelatin capsule not suitable for vegans
  • Designed only for ladies
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women can not use Trimtone

Where To Buy Trimtone?

Currently, the Trimtone fat burner supplement for women is only available on their official website i.e.

Trimtone Cost

A single container of Trimtone that supplies 30 days of capsules costs $49.99.

One purchase of 2 months supply for $99.99 you will receive one month supply for free.

On 3 months supply (3 containers) purchase for $149.99, you get 2 months supply for free.

Alternative Brands


You can also try the Zotrim fat-burning supplement. Zotrim is a completely organic supplement that suppresses appetite and curbs your cravings. It is vegan-friendly and can be used by men and women alike.


Another effective fat-burning supplement alternative to Trimtone is Leanbean. This dietary supplement is also tailored for women and is composed of natural products. It effectively reduces appetite and boosts fat metabolism.

How The Supplement Has Evolved?

Trimtone offers fast shipping to multiple areas across the globe, thanks to the well-equipped warehouses in different countries.

If you order now, you can get 20% off by using the Promo code: TRYME20.

Is Trimtone Really Worth It?

There are uncountable fat-burning supplements available in the market but Trimtone makes a mark in this fierce competition. What we liked the best about this supplement is the dosage.

A once-daily dose might not seem to be such big but actually has good implementation. In today’s pacy world, we find it hard to allocate time for health. Women play multiple roles at the time which makes time management critical for them. A single dose is convenient for everyone and increases compliance.

Users who have tried other fat-burning supplements admire the stimulant role of Trimtone. Many consumers are overwhelmed because Trimtone does not cause insomnia and over-stimulation.

What Can Be Improved?

The supplement is currently specific for women. Though it is a good initiative for women, we would love to see it be efficacious for men too.

We would also want the manufacturers to figure out a way to make it suitable for vegans too. A vegan-friendly alternative to gelatin will make it an option for vegetarians too.

ImageTrimtone 100% Natural Fat Burner For Women

Trimtone 100% Natural Fat Burner For Women

Product Type

Fat-burning Supplement

Product Nature

Non-vegan (gelatin) capsules




  • Reduced Appetite

  • Fat burning by thermogenesis

  • Boosts metabolism

Side Effects 

No noticeable side effects 


1 capsule before breakfast


30 capsules/1 month supply 



Money Back Guarantee

100 days 

Official Website

Click here

Shipping Policy

Free shipping across the US, the UK on purchase of 3 or more bottles


Trimtone fat burner for women is a natural, safe and effective way of shedding extra body mass. Women of different ages can add Trimtone to their diet and achieve their ideal weight goal very quickly. The different bioactive ingredients including green coffee, green tea extract, caffeine, grains of paradise, and glucomannan, work by triggering thermogenesis and suppressing appetite. Ladies habitual of snacking can take maximum benefit from this very supplement.

A once-daily dose of Trimtone sets it apart from competitors and allows better compliance. The product is safe to consume (completely natural product) and motivates you to lose weight. Manufacturers offer a 100-day money-back guarantee and free shipping across the UK, the USA on purchase of 3/3+ bottles. We expect the gelatin capsules to be replaced by some vegan-friendly products so that vegetarians can also consume them in the future.



We Recommend

  • Fast weight loss results
  • Completely organic product
  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping across EU, UK, the USA on 3 or more bottles
  • Single-dose per day
  • No over-caffeinated effects

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