Ultra Omega Burn Review 2022: Before and After, Side Effects and Other Useful Info

Nowadays, it is fashionable, advantageous, and attractive to look slim, trim, and healthy. And on top of that, it is important not just to look good but to be energetic, determined, and strong.

Most people who want to achieve the perfect shape lose weight at great risk and lose some of their muscle mass and a lot of vitality after losing weight. After losing weight incorrectly, the body gains even more mass than before. Do you want to trade weight loss for your health? We’re sure you don’t!

So let’s lose weight wisely. Fat burners can be your most effective assistant in the fight against excess weight. And today, in our review, we will pay attention to the fat burner Ultra Omega Burn, assess the pros and cons, learn where to buy it, and whether it works.

Company overview

Ultra Omega Burn fat burner was founded back in 2017 by the New York company Nutra Active Pte Limited.

Unfortunately, very little is known about the manufacturing company, but they do not hide their product and actively sell it. In addition, the company claims that its fat burner is produced in a facility that is approved by the FDA.

But is Ultra Omega Burn as safe and effective as the manufacturer claims?   We can rely on real customer reviews and see their results before and after using the product:

  • “It was very easy – no side effects. I lost 20# without trying. Never happened before. My kids were amazed and are all on it now. Recommend!”, – Kathleen Thomson
  • “I loved this product because after 2 major surgeries in 6 months, I was very inactive. This product helped me to lose the FAT belly I could not stand to look at”, – jMajor

Looking at customer reviews on Amazon, about 46% are positive five-stars reviews.

The mission of the company is to help people lose weight and have an ideal body shape. In addition, manufacturers claim that the supplement has anti-aging properties, so you will be not only slim but also young.

What can Ultra Omega Burn give you?

Appetite suppression

We are all human, and sometimes we can feel hunger, but you must agree that this feeling is not pleasant. Especially when you are hungry, you can consume the wrong carbohydrates. With Ultra Omega Burn, you will forget about this problem.

Skin Improvement

We all understand that we’re not getting any younger as we age.  And to keep our skin healthy, we need to take vitamins. When you take Ultra Omega Burn, you won’t have to take additional medications because it has anti-aging benefits.

Fat Reduction

No one wants to see unpleasant belly fat, so Ultra Omega Burn helps to oxidize fat and use it for energy production.

Ultra Omega Burn is available in capsules. The body well tolerates the drug because it is made from natural ingredients and does not contain GMOs and other hazardous components. However, this product contains additional ingredients such as gelatin and glycerin, so Ultra Omega Burn is not suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Ultra Omega Burn should be taken in one capsule once a day.   Although there are few side effects (read more in Side Effects), we recommend that you consult your doctor before use.

What will you learn from this article?

We give you a small overview of what you can read in our review.

What is Ultra Omega Burn?

Ultra Omega Burn is a new fat burner for men and women.  It is designed for total body fat loss and improvement of body condition. It also has anti-aging effects and improves skin texture.

How does Ultra Omega Burn work and help you lose fat?

The use of the fat burner helps to normalize and improve metabolic processes in the body. In the process of intake, you will also reduce cravings for unhealthy and harmful foods, including fast carbohydrates and fats.

The science behind the ingredients of Ultra Omega Burn

The fat burner includes one main component and several additional ones. The main ingredient, palmitoleic acid, performs the main action of the fat burner.

How is Ultra Omega Burn better than its competitors?

  • Only natural ingredients
  • Highly effective and has good reviews
  • Was on the market 5 years ago
  • Suitable for both men and women

The best websites where you can buy Ultra Omega Burn

You have the opportunity to buy Ultra Omega Burn on the official website of the manufacturer. Here you will not buy any fake products and your transaction will be safe. In addition, the product is made in an FDA-approved manufacturing facility.

But if you wish, you can also buy the product on Amazon.

Product review

Ultra Omega Burn is a newly created weight loss supplement. The product promises to help us lose weight as quickly as possible and to help us get rid of some other problems. In addition, as the manufacturer states, the fat burner can increase cardiovascular activity.

To achieve faster results, you need to stick to a proper diet and minimal workouts. This product will help you not to overeat and to lose weight faster.

Ultra Omega Burn contains 30 capsules in one box, which is a supply for one month. The dosage is 1 capsule per day, with no breaks. The product is also suitable for long-term use, and you can buy several boxes at once.

Unfortunately, because the supplement is fairly new, it has not yet been fully appreciated by the stars of show business. We have not found any celebrities who use this product.

But we don’t want to disappoint you, so we’ll tell you that the main ingredient that is included in the Ultra Omega Burn fat burner is Omega-7, commonly used in cosmetics.

Omega-7, which is the main component of the fat burner, regenerates dry skin and restores its elasticity, so when you take this product, you will lose weight and improve the condition of your skin.

The science behind how Ultra Omega Burn works

We are sure that you will be interested in knowing how exactly the supplement works, what processes take place and how you can lose excess weight more easily and improve your skin condition.


The main ingredient of the fat burner is palmitoleic acid.  It is essentially a fatty acid that saturates our body throughout the day.  Since your body will already have healthy fats, you will not want to consume more calories.

Skin condition

Omega-7, which is palmitoleic acid, is very useful for our skin. It activates regeneration, restores skin elasticity, and intensely nourishes the skin. Thanks to this, your skin will be firmer and more nourished.

Heart condition

Omega-7 in the fat burner reduces the risk of blood pressure and hardening of the arteries by reducing swelling of the blood vessels. In this way, you are doing preventive care for your heart.

Fat Burn

Omega-7 can also help you get rid of fat. The fat-burning ability works by increasing the oxidation of fatty acids and normalizing the amount of glucose absorbed by the cells.

No cholesterol

Omega-7 also helps regulate your cholesterol levels; this is achieved by balancing levels of an inflammatory marker called c-reactive protein.

Ingredient Review


Are there any scientific studies to confirm it's helpful for fat loss?

Palmitoleic acid

Confirmed by multiple studies: 1234

As the manufacturer states, the supplements contain only one component.

Palmitoleic acid

This is a monounsaturated fatty acid. You may have often heard it referred to as Omega-7 (Not to be confused with Omega-3).

Unlike Omega-3, Omega-7 is synthesized in the tissues to a greater extent and comes in less with food. Most are found in sea buckthorn berry oil, macadamia oil, and Peruvian anchovy fish oil (other types of fish contain much less).

Our body produces Omega 7 on its own, so it is not considered an essential fatty acid. It is Omega 7 that is found in the greatest amounts in tissues, especially in adipose tissue. It has many functions, from protecting the skin from premature aging to reducing inflammation.

How is Ultra Omega Burn different from competitors?

  • As the manufacturer states, Ultra Omega Burn is made with the highest possible quality in FDA-approved facilities. They take their reputation very seriously and have been trying to maintain and develop it for several years. That’s why the manufacturers don’t skimp even on the little things and make sure that all products are thoroughly tested and safe to use.
  • The fat burner is universal for both men and women, so anyone who wants to lose weight can.
  • Prevailing, the fat burner consists of only one natural ingredient. There is evidence in the form of studies that the ingredient is effective and helps in weight loss.
  • Loyal price for bulk purchases.
  • You won’t have foods to avoid because you won’t want to consume a lot of food.
  • In addition to fat-burning, the overall condition of your skin is improved.

How has this product evolved from its previous versions?

Today, the company already does international deliveries.  They have started to do it much faster and within a clearly defined time frame.  In addition, the company does not stop at the development of its product and continues to improve it.

Currently, the company has only one product in the company, which is Ultra Omega Burn, but they are also planning to launch several new products.

They are also starting to design their website with a more modern design.  And they don’t forget about social networks, so the company has already created its Facebook page.

What results you can expect using this product?

Let us not forget that any fat burner is not a Magic Pill, and you still have to make an effort.  But don’t feel disappointed yet – let’s take a look at the before and after pictures of buyers who made an effort and believed in the effectiveness of the fat burner.

Do you see this guy’s changed face too?  We can see that he is happy and satisfied that he finally made it.  The guy got results even though previously it was challenging for him to do so.

It’s just an incredible and stunning result.  Have you ever seen anything like that?  It took the lady 10 months to get rid of so many extra pounds.  She did a great job and put in a lot of effort to get to where she is now.

Want to see abs like this guy’s on your stomach? Ultra Omega Burn is sure to help you do just as much as he did. He was able to overcome himself and achieve great results. We believe you can do it too.

Side effects

Nutra Active claims that there are no side effects. And we would rather agree with them because the dose is fairly low, so side effects are unlikely.

Still, you should understand that it is fish oil, so it is not recommended to take other fish oil supplements, such as Omega-3, so as not to cause an overdose.

A high dose of fish oil can cause diarrhea, heartburn, insomnia, and several other side effects.

Customer reviews (positive)

We see positive reviews and success stories of weight loss. Therefore, we can conclude that the product works and people trust it.  And although the product has been on the market for quite a short time, it is already in demand among customers.

Customer reviews (negative)

Alas, no one can avoid negative reviews, and Ultra Omega Burn is also affected.  Most of these negative reviews are directed at the fact that the product does not help people lose weight fast enough.  Nevertheless, we all understand that weight loss cannot be fast.

If you lose weight quickly, you will also promptly regain those pounds back. You may also have sagging skin.

PROS and CONS table

The company provides a 1-month supply of pills and guarantees that you will see results.

Is Ultra Omega Burn brand worth it?


  • Natural ingredients, strict quality selection.
  • Fast shipping worldwide (free for bulk orders).
  • 365-day money-back guarantee.
  • Not only removes fat but also improves skin


  • Not a substitute for a balanced diet and regular exercise.
  • It takes time to notice the benefits and requires a consistent intake regimen.
  • Non-vegan

Cost of the supplement

The price of the supplement ranges from $50 to $200. I think you all know that it is cheaper to buy in bulk. That’s why the company ran a promotion, and you can buy several boxes of the fat burner at once for several months ahead. That’s why the price gap is so big. For $200, you get 6 boxes of Ultra Omega Burn and thus save 52% of the cost.

Alternatives for the product from other brands

PhenQ: it is a weight loss product that is also all-natural. The drug claims to increase the body’s ability to burn calories, reduce food cravings, increase energy and mood by converting food into energy, and suppress feelings of hunger to help control weight.

Burn Lab Pro: it is a fat burner suitable for both men and women. It consists entirely of natural ingredients that affect weight loss.

Gundry MD TriTrim: a diet pill that reduces cravings for food by making you lose weight. Increases positive mood and controls sugar.

Product overview table



Ultra Omega Burn

Product Type

Fat burner


Nutra Active Pte Limited


Helps to lose weight and improve skin condition

Side Effects

No side effects, except for an overdose. In case of overdose, diarrhea, dizziness may occur


One tablet a day, in the morning, regardless of meals


30 capsules


$50 - $200

Money-Back Guarantee

365 days



Official Website

Click here

Is the brand Ultra Omega Burn worth it?

Even though the product has negative reviews, we are inclined to say that it is worth a try.  Give it a chance, and in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you can achieve the desired results.  In addition, the product is not so long on the market, so it has not yet managed to gain many fans.  But in a couple of years, this may change.


  • Does Ultra Omega Burn really work?

Judging by the numerous reviews, yes, it works.

  • Is Ultra Omega Burn safe?

Yes, the company produces an FDA-approved product.

  • How should you take Ultra Omega Burn?

Take 1 tablet once a day, in the morning.

  • Where can I buy Ultra Omega Burn?

You can purchase either on the official website or on Amazon.

  • What is Ultra Omega Burn’s Return Policy?

You may return items within 365 days of the purchase date.

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